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  1. Anti-material rifle

    Destroying/dammaging enplacements. Destroying IED, mine,... Stopping LOGI's by disabling the engine. Basicaly what i want to see trough my optic is a big fat tracer go down range knocking somebody to the ground.
  2. With the knife or something cutting of sticks and covering Armor or emplacements such as TOW. Or why not camouflage netting.
  3. Elevation on US Static MG

    To many times i am hindered by a small ridge emplacing the MG decently. It would be nice to be able to put some sandbags underneeth the pods of the MG or maybe the pods can extend? It would be nice that after placing the MG you can move the mouse up and down to choose the elevation so you can place it on a roof with out being hindered by a ridge.
  4. Silencing vehicles by spamming engine button

    Picturing some roque militia in Syria applying this technique...*
  5. Mounting a TOW weapons system

    i'm just gonna have to get used to that i guess.
  6. Why is it such a pain to mount the TOW system? You have to go stand in front (the shooting end) of it to mount it, and it makes me get shot!
  7. Squad is dead or not ?

    I can't take arma that serious anymore since i play squad and i think there is a legion of people who feel the same.
  8. Logistics Mechanics

    The stuff you describe what would happen with your changes is exactly what happens now when you have multiple good squads on 1 team. mostly though you gotta be lucky to have even a mortar squad. I'm sometimes frustrated that only armor or logi end up getting used. The combined warfare aspect has much more potential that you will not quickly see on a public server. I'm talking about the different kinds of techie's being properly used in cohesion with a foot squad for example. But, unfortunately it's not current mechanics that are the problem, but simply to less people who feel tempted to start a logistics squad for example.
  9. Logistics Mechanics

    Indeed, it is to complex but would not hurt as a mod.
  10. Logistics Mechanics

    Also crates who are filled with ammo have a little bigger kill radius then building supplies when they explode. Wich brings me to actually handselecting TOW and MG and mortar and handpicking how much ammo you pick for each individual weaponsystem at the beginning of a match. Creating a more mindfull purpose before heading out and deploying a fob. Filling a crate with only mortar shells, well don't park it next to the fob...
  11. Logistics Mechanics

    Nice about the crate system is that the enemy can blow your crates up!
  12. Body Armor

    I tought there was body armor already in the game. Everytime i click left mouse putting a round inside somebody's hearth, my oponent just clicks left mouse two times back and i'm dead. I tought the puff of blood was reactive armor.
  13. Dragging Animation?

    john wick's dog said: Shooting a wounded soldier is a violation of the first Geneva Convention and the guilty faction should be penalized through financial sanctions (loss of supply points at all their FOBs). Shooting too many wounded soldiers should be punishable by death (damage is reflected back onto the perpetrator). The red cross symbol identifies persons covered under the agreement, so shooting a medic while dragging a wounded soldier or administering aid should receive the same punishment. I like this penalty concept but imediate result is a bit weird. If squad had staged matches with a defender and a attacker that progresses over 3 sub mission (1 map) Then you can dedact ammo and construction in the next round coming. If a defending team shoots to many wounded soldiers and they loose the first match, they start the second round (tactical retreat) with less points to fortify. Like when defending a city map the map get's played in 3 missions, where the defenders each time fall back to the last stand, with some time to fortify.
  14. Small urban map/make hole in wall

    thx for answering, anyways...i'm exited for what's to come!
  15. Small urban map/make hole in wall

    Can you keep performance up by just making specific locations only of a destructable kind? Let's say like only these few areas on these few walls, or doesn't it work like that? What is like the main feature/key aspect in what makes this impossible? The desync, is it because of process power/speed or internet speed?...