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  1. Iron sight zoom better in post scriptum

    I think the truth is in between. With picture in picture you could simulate a focus and replace zoom by supersampling. Theoretically of course. EDIT: Basically what ecchi says in the post above.
  2. Data mining

    Thanks for replying.
  3. Iron sight zoom better in post scriptum

    @Vewt When i bought Squad somewhere around v10, i was surprised to find out there was so much balancing instead of just going for how weapons and such really are. I had a misconception on that. I thought squad was all about realism based in a battlefield like game style. Witch was my main drive to buy the game (particularly the factions like PR does it). So when it comes to a vote, i'd vote removal to for iron sight zoom for example. But i'm speaking after 2000 hours of playing. I'm pretty sure i was very grateful that there was zoom to iron sights when i just started playing (i never played PR). Anyway, zoom or no zoom. My eyes have a biological age of 90 after playing 1 hour of Squad.
  4. Iron sight zoom better in post scriptum

    Started playing a day after chapter 2 release so... yeah...
  5. Iron sight zoom better in post scriptum

    @Phoenixstorm Might not be wrong what you are saying, it is just that i don't look at it that negative as you do. i probably started playing Squad later then you.
  6. Iron sight zoom better in post scriptum

    Not really bothered about the iron sights if you take in consideration that you don't have real eyes to look with in-game. Compensating the blur and pixels at longer distances. A DShK has a lot of zoom true!
  7. Iron sight zoom better in post scriptum

    I just started playing Post Scriptum and enjoy the enhanced zoom to, but wouldn't want to see it in Squad. when i compare the games Squad is still the crown jewel when it comes to the tactical aspect of the game.The importance of the different roles and the communication between. Speaking for public servers bear in mind, Post Scriptum plays more casual, little communication often, short spawn timers, though the stamina system is awesome. And to my feeling this really fit's the world war 2 era. Squad has way better distinction between uniforms then Post Scriptum, so i kind of like the raw feeling that squad gives with for example low ironsight zoom.
  8. Can you Pickup a Grenade on the Ground?

    As long as it doesn't show a radial type of marker to indicate where the grenade landed and as long as there isn't a PRESS F KEY TO PICK UP things i'm fine with throwing grenades back. edit: Fine... i'll just turn off in game help in the options menu.
  9. Data mining

    Does OWI collect data from their users to sell to companies? and if so, does that function use in-game resources? (...think i'm getting paranoid). hope i don't offend anybody asking this.
  10. Friendly Class Icons on the Map

    EDIT: i think i'm missing something...
  11. Remove option to "Give Up"?

    Well then you better have a game of bingo next to you, because you'll be looking at a black screen not understanding why this ****tard just walked past your body not giving ****s.
  12. High End PC Low GPU and CPU Usage

    squad isn't optimized, in that sense, it's usage is high on every aspect of the pc. That, combined with an engine originally based around arena style maps with 32 players.... and you'll have the same shit that all the WW2 UE4 games have that try 100 player, 4k textures and big maps. mediocre to good performance.
  13. Remove option to "Give Up"?

    For public servers this rule will only make the games last shorter i'm afraid.
  14. Remove option to "Give Up"?

    FEAR! the emotion fear is absent of the game. If you'd put them in a real combat situation, you'd see the biggest teamplayers solely because of the emotion fear. We need a harnass that applies electrical schock when getting shot in game!