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  1. pixelated mess

  2. Marksman Changes.

    Some sort of rear-guard medic and a more frontline type medic. (just improvising)
  3. pixelated mess

    I believe people who have high resolution monitor have no problem with this but i play 1080p and just high settings with 1.25 supersampling, and i have to tape my face against my screen to see in the distance. 80meters won't cover it it's more like couple of hundred meters so my bad on that one.
  4. pixelated mess

    Srry bout the title, don't want to be disrespectfull. When you look further then 150 meters (just picking random value, point is when you look far) the game becomes very pixelated. since i don't know anything about game dev i was wondering if someone could explain a little bit on why that is? Why don't other games have it? Is it an early acces thing that will be resolved? Is it a choice that had to be made?
  5. Marksman Changes.

    downgrading the medic results in people picking the role that actually know what being a medic is about. I think i never had a squad where a medic realizes that he shouldn't be the one up front, and shouldn't be 50 meters away from every other team member ((exaggerating) what an abomination of a word once you type it!) Whatever the state of the medic is, people generally lack a scence of being part of a bigger sheme. A medic not engaging because it's better if he revives teammates then getting shot is simply to much asked from a person that comes online to play squad and have fun. Only people who posses the quality of putting youreself in second place sometimes are noble enough to be a good medic.
  6. Marksman Changes.

    all for
  7. Marksman Changes.

    Why is their even a marskman class left? i want to play with svd but if you consider the bipod and bigger mag on the rpk with same scope magnification there's just no need to take the marskman role and that's a shame. all these people bitching about overpowering this, that. That's exactly what a sniper does, pinning down a squad all by himself, and the squad actually needing their brain to do something about it. How boring a movie would be if the marskman get's a penalty at everything he is supposed to do!
  8. squad charisma

    ooops i was a little to impulsive, you're right about that. Guess it was my childhood yearning for operation flashpoint.
  9. v13 crash

    and a big patch as well
  10. squad charisma

    i noticed the synthwave element in the main menu music. I think adding some more 80's features would give squad a nice look. i'm not talking about flashing neon but more like some part of a speech that somebody gave duriing the cold war, you know with the crappy microphone recording sampled in the music. loading screen facts about the cold war, like some weird measurement a country took or something for example. Basically some media elements in text and image perhaps video incorporated in the different menu and loading screens.
  11. v13 crash

    Problem solved for me. I unistalled and reinstalled Validated integrety Enjoying V13
  12. v13 crash

    i cant get to the loading screen
  13. Car Bomb and Explosive vest

    Together with a dessert map whit infrastructure being really destroyed, not the "roads are completely clear so no noob can get stuck with a tank" type of destruction. This game is the only one who could make the middle east come to life (or at least "that part of the Middle East") in a awsome immersive way!
  14. FOB out of ammo, no change of picking other role.

    Indeed this feature might stop me from nitpicking, maybe. agree
  15. FOB out of ammo, no change of picking other role.

    But there is! spawning on a fob without ammo means still 2 magz. like i already explained.