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  1. V12 mic changes

    Does v12 change the local, squad, and command radio system? Especially how does fireteam effect this, if at all?
  2. Vehicle ticket count

    I equally like the effect that higher tickets OR higher spawn time has. I want to bring back early alpha time where if a vechiles was blown up most of the team cheered. Taking out vics needs to matter more.
  3. For players that played Squad back when vehicles were new, think back for a moment. The entire squad/team would be thrilled when an enemy vehicle was killed! In your opinion, do you still feel that excitement now in Squad?
  4. Game needs more maps ...

    As you all greatly point out, we do have a number of maps so far with more to come in number and improvment. Just want to add that is talk of First Light being deprectated/retired. Which personally sounds good to me.
  5. How about ammo cans?

    Cool? Yes! Manually supply vic=PITA? Absolutely! Priority? Nice to have category.
  6. I play SL most of the time (100s hours of just being SL) and felt that we needed a dedicated commander role for a long time now. Then i read this entire thread, other discussions on commanders, the September recap report from OWI's developers. After thinking about all the different v12 changes that are coming, I have had my opinion changed signifigantly. So here you go: 1. The developers have already said that they are going to have a commander role. Dont like it? GET OVER IT! and help us make the role better, because we are stuck with it! 2. Commanders should have some power but not too much. Why? Because people suck and eithier will be tyrants or squad leaders will suck and not cooperate. 3. Squad leaders have too much to manage already. V12 will make it worse ( map options, more marks, fireteam marks, etc) 4. Everyone keeps talking about UAVs. We can have a commander without UAV. 5. Commander just need an ability that SLs dont have, to be a technically different role. So to balence all those concerns make the commander basically just another SL that can exclusively: A. Do special map markings. Like enemy vehicles and "view all squad marks" option. B. Can NOT create fireteams and squad size limited. (Say 4 total and only intel/scout roles). C. Has some limited influence ( not absolute control) over the logistics sytem. Because developers seem to be making logistics more important and it has team-wide effects. D. Remove direct SL to SL communication when there is commander. Again SL are busy and will be busier in v12. Commander should consolidate some SL duties to free up squad leaders to actually lead their squad. In the event no one takes the role, or leaves/disconnects while commander, the next person on that squad becomes commander. If no one is in the squad, all commander abilities become avaible to regular SLs, just in case they find time to use them.

    I just dont want this to take devs time away from bigger things like fixing bugs or overhauling a major system ( like flight or medical). I agree 100% with this.

    In that case i eould still say its the drivers fault. They are the one driving after all.
  9. New variants for current vehicles?

    Thank you for responding. Love when the team join in the convo from time to time.
  10. Map design: A discussion

    I didnt think there was any criticism. I was just honesting wondering what may make the smaller map better.
  11. What would you like to see in Squad

    1. People are giving long wishlists, please try to think about how much you are asking for. It can be HUGE amount of work. 2. All I am asking for is the logistics changes to go forward and give it a shot with the understanding that if it sucks we revert the changes. Also helicopters ( which is a big ask i know). 3. I had no idea there was even a 36km2 map considered. This should be done if workable as it does open up helicopters and naturally emerges better teamplay.
  12. Map design: A discussion

    If smaller maps should simply be designed better, any suggestions you have in mind?
  13. Map design: A discussion

    Chora is a great map imo. With that said here is my quick thoughts on maps: Things to avoid: 1. Too small maps. Example: Sumari Bala 2. "The perfect point". Example is that one mountaintop in the lower left of Kohat that tower above everything else. If youa highpoint make one across from it taht can sufficently counteract it. "If you add mount everest add K2 next to it." 3. Avoid AAS. PAAS is much better and your map will be more fun for 2 reasons. Point A) we are likely to use much more of your map. Point B) less likely to have the same gameplay evey round. Think Storage on OP First Light. 4. Agree with other posts. Try to avoid capture points in the corners or with one major way in/out. Avoid roads that vehicles have to crawl up at 10 mph. Things to include: 1.Looks like we are going to make logistics increasingly more important as time goes on. Make multiple routes that are not completly wide open but not completly naturally sheltered. 2. Plan for the future helicopters. Include helipads/airstrip. Maybe a tower included with that would be realistic/useful too. Nice to have, thinking aloud: 1. A combination of dominant enviroments. Kohat Toi's enviroment leans the benefit to the mountains. Al Basrah leans the benefit to the city/buildings. A map that combines this depending where you are would be interesting. I think this mostly influenced by elevation variation. So maybe a flat area fading into increasingly more mountainous area would do the trick?? 2. A part of a road that is a switchback. 3. One part forest, one part desert. 4. If u add a tunnel, make it matter. By that i mean it should be at least 2 car lengths wide and its pacement should make logically sense. We make tunnels to get traffic through tough places like mountains and under rivers.

    +1 love this idea. Only thing thing i can imagine to make this better ( read: to prevent abuse) is that there should be a countdown timer ( say 20 or 30 seconds) for the mine. It would work like this: 1. If the mine is driven over before the countdown timer ends. The person who placed the mine gets all the deaths as teamkills, like they do now. 2. If the mine is driven over after the countdown timer ends. Your suggestion takes effect.