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  1. Saw a few concerns about Abandonded vehicles. We need some way to penalize vehicles being abandoned or incentivize vehicle recovery/returns. So i had an idea that a combination of factors ( time with no one in the vehicle, distance from a FOB, what time of vehicle, if it took damage, etc) could cause the (eventual) commander role to recieve an alert. This commander alert allows him to start addressing the issue and try and get a squad to dispatch some people to attempt to recover the vehicle back to a FOB or main base. If vehicle recover was successful, this could award X number of tickets to the team. If you want to go the other way, an abanded vehicle could effect vehicle spawn times a main base or some other penalty on the squad/ team until vehicle is destroyed or recovered.
  2. CAF Patch and Alpha 16 Status

    The last fundamental element to combine arms warfare, air power is inbound. This is gonna be one of the biggest changes; like climbing walls, sprinting, and the first vehicles. Even if there is a delay, I am thrilled!!
  3. POLL: Map icons are too busy

    Map icons are any and all the icons FTLs and SLs can place on the map. Also thx for the feedback everyone.
  4. I tend to play SL role and i have 2 issues: 1) The map keeps changing every round back to viewing every squad's map icons even though i always have that turned off. 2) I think there is just too many icons. The map looks to busy ( even just looking at just my squad's icons). [I admit this my actually helpful if you are in the upcoming commander role, not sure].
  5. Logistics Mechanics

    This is a novel take. +1 for creative
  6. Shitty suggestion Nr. 462

    I vote no. Mostly b/c this can easily be accomplished by 3 to 9 people taking a logi truck to the frontline, and the SL not being an idiot and building a HAB but building a FOB and emplacements. Then followed by other SL actually communicating and not building a HAB until the time is right.
  7. Solving the v12 Logistics Nightmare

    Players built supply FOBs(disincentivising prople from doing logi runs more) NO. -1 Improve trucks to handle driving steep hills ( considerably improving driving time and experience) YES +1 Logi helicopter ( to incentivize logi runs and logi emergency response) YES. +1
  8. Logistics Mechanics

    I agree the helicopters will tilt the logistics system toward not working very well anymore. Needs overhaul. Interested to see how tgis gets addressed by the devs. They have had some novels ideas before.
  9. V12 mic changes

    Does v12 change the local, squad, and command radio system? Especially how does fireteam effect this, if at all?
  10. Vehicle ticket count

    I equally like the effect that higher tickets OR higher spawn time has. I want to bring back early alpha time where if a vechiles was blown up most of the team cheered. Taking out vics needs to matter more.
  11. For players that played Squad back when vehicles were new, think back for a moment. The entire squad/team would be thrilled when an enemy vehicle was killed! In your opinion, do you still feel that excitement now in Squad?
  12. Game needs more maps ...

    As you all greatly point out, we do have a number of maps so far with more to come in number and improvment. Just want to add that is talk of First Light being deprectated/retired. Which personally sounds good to me.