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  1. Yeah I mean it's a cool idea but this feature would force the player to choose one, and not both-- Be stealthy Communicate with teammates I don't know if the community wants that. From airsoft, I know there are subtleties when being stealthy. Players can whisper to keep the volume of their voice from being heard by the enemy. Or they can use standardized hand signals or other rudimentary gestures. With VoIP in Squad, there is no such subtlety. It's not really an option due to automatic microphone gain, frequency response, background noise, etc. If talking on the local net means a nearby enemy will be alerted to your position, and I were taking the match seriously, I would just use TeamSpeak/Discord/Mumble/etc. to communicate with my Squad instead. Again, the feature makes the players choose between the above two options. This topic has been discussed in great detail. Check the third thread I linked below which contains a poll of whether or not players would like to see this feature implemented.
  2. You are a gentleman and a scholar!
  3. V12 performance

    v12 has completely RUINED Stryker CROWS! The CROWS camera lags terribly! During firefights especially! Stability on or off, doen't matter. V11 I never once experienced this. This is NOT OKAY!
  4. Can't find my server in Server Browser

    I figured it out. The Custom Servers tab only shows populated servers. I just had to tick the checkbox in the filters screen that would show empty servers, and then I could see my server in the list.
  5. I set up a custom server based on the guide on the Wiki. I'm using a virtual private server hosted by Vultr. I am able to direct connect to my server and play using this command-- start steam://rungameid/393380/ +connect However the server is not showing up in the Squad in-game server browser. The server's name is simply, "[KG]". It is unlicensed, so I am looking on the Custom section of the in-game browser. Here is my Server.cfg file. The directive I assume is what gets my server to show up in the Server Browser is 'ShouldAdvertise' which is already set to 'true'. ServerName="[KG]" MaxPlayers=20 NumReservedSlots=2 IsLANMatch=false ShouldAdvertise=true NumPlayersDiffForTeamChanges=3 AllowTeamChanges=true PreventTeamChangeIfUnbalanced=true EnforceTeamBalance=true RejoinSquadDelayAfterKick=180 RecordDemos=false ServerMessageInterval=300 VehicleClaimingDisabled=true // Forced on for Licensed servers (Only OWI staff & qa are admins) AllowCommunityAdminAccess=false // Forced on for Licensed servers (Only OWI devs) AllowDevProfiling=false // ForceNonSeamlessTravelIntervalSeconds=43200 // 1 day What can I do to troubleshoot this further?