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  1. V12 performance

    v12 has completely RUINED Stryker CROWS! The CROWS camera lags terribly! During firefights especially! Stability on or off, doen't matter. V11 I never once experienced this. This is NOT OKAY!
  2. Can't find my server in Server Browser

    I figured it out. The Custom Servers tab only shows populated servers. I just had to tick the checkbox in the filters screen that would show empty servers, and then I could see my server in the list.
  3. I set up a custom server based on the guide on the Wiki. I'm using a virtual private server hosted by Vultr. I am able to direct connect to my server and play using this command-- start steam://rungameid/393380/ +connect However the server is not showing up in the Squad in-game server browser. The server's name is simply, "[KG]". It is unlicensed, so I am looking on the Custom section of the in-game browser. Here is my Server.cfg file. The directive I assume is what gets my server to show up in the Server Browser is 'ShouldAdvertise' which is already set to 'true'. ServerName="[KG]" MaxPlayers=20 NumReservedSlots=2 IsLANMatch=false ShouldAdvertise=true NumPlayersDiffForTeamChanges=3 AllowTeamChanges=true PreventTeamChangeIfUnbalanced=true EnforceTeamBalance=true RejoinSquadDelayAfterKick=180 RecordDemos=false ServerMessageInterval=300 VehicleClaimingDisabled=true // Forced on for Licensed servers (Only OWI staff & qa are admins) AllowCommunityAdminAccess=false // Forced on for Licensed servers (Only OWI devs) AllowDevProfiling=false // ForceNonSeamlessTravelIntervalSeconds=43200 // 1 day What can I do to troubleshoot this further?