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  1. "West Coast Tactical - AAS" - Review

    Ah, back on topic then. I find West Coast Tactical to be of exceptionally poor quality. In order to follow forum rules, I cannot share my reasons.
  2. "West Coast Tactical - AAS" - Review

    The fact that y'all would offer to police poor admin behavior is better than the norm in the first place. I haven't heard of it being enforced, but you'd know much better than I how well and if you do. You ain't the US government, so you have no obligation to not suppress speech. I'm just making the point that the bare minimum social cost for poor behavior is for people to know about it. When that minimum cost is removed or suppressed, it usually ends poorly. Your reasons for the rule make sense, but some of the people who were badmouthing the servers had good reasons to do so too. Sometimes harm to reputation is earned directly by poor behavior.
  3. "West Coast Tactical - AAS" - Review

    There is if you were recording proof of the incident at the time. I don't think most people record everything all the time, so to most people that's not useful. Spreading the world about admin abuse would be, but it is disallowed and policed by moderators.
  4. "West Coast Tactical - AAS" - Review

    Apparently it is against forum rules to mention bad experiences on a server related to that server's admins, so forum admins please delete this post as I don't have the ability to.