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  1. Hotfix didn't fix.

    I tried this and now it works amazing again! Thank You.
  2. Hotfix didn't fix.

    Hi, i saw about the hotfix this morning and i am not sure why but i have change from the best performance in squad ever with not a single fps drop to again high ratios of resources consume and worst performance. Not unplayable, but worst than with the first V12 with no Hotfix, and i have assured to set the exactly same graphics setting i had before it. i7-4470 3.4 ghz 16 gb ddr3 1600 Gtx 970 Settings: 1440p AA: FXAA Efects High Foilage medium View Distance high Shadows High Bloom Ambient Oclusion Motion Blur Preload Textures
  3. Couple of bad decisions in my opinion

    sorry but i am not convinced by this, if it is just a way to make the medic role more premisive that if you die yor squad its not so much ****ed then its bad, a medic needs to try and stay alive because he is the ****ing medic, a soldier can make a fallen one stable, that is now acomplised by stoping the bleeding with a bandage from any player, and thats good and more acurate. If your medic dies, you will have a hard time, and sorry but the medics have to feel all the pressure that his role has to make it right and for the squad to make it right...if i as a medic can just die and be revived by any other partener then **** it...what will prevent me from going rambo?
  4. Well since my last post on rally points generated a great interesting debate arround them, knowing the notes from the next patch now, there is another couple of things that i just can't understand as much as i think about it. 1st- It has to be with the medical system: If everyone can revive, medic is just useless...and don't say that "uuhh but he can heal you"...thats bullshit and you know it, you are removing the most important capacity of the medics and changing his role from fundamental to just a complement. If people didn't want to be medic before now its going to be Beautiful...it's a complete mistake. In fact it doesn't even have any sense in terms of "realism"... It would have much more sense the other way, bacause one random guy with first aid protocols can stabilize you... but if you are badly wounded to loose your conciusness, then you need a medic for sure... It's something that i can't just understand... 2nd- It has to be with the rearm system: Is just pointless, what is bad about you reaming just everything and move on?...i don't understand whats the problem about that.If your rearm need is ridiculous to waste your 25 ammo then that means you don't need to rearm at all. I mean what's the point on choosing what specifically do you want to rearm? it just doesn't make any sense...
  5. I think Nerfing Rally Points is a bad idea

    well it could be if you have some short of "Command Squad" preset and powerfull role. But you don't, so the hole coordination is based on the actions that the different squads can manage to coordinate by individual actions... so at least that short of "command structure" formed by squad leaders coordination should make them strong individually... (SORRY FOR ANY GRAMATICAL/VOCABULARY MISTAKE; ENGLISH IS NOT MY MOTHER LANGUAGE)
  6. I think Nerfing Rally Points is a bad idea

    Ok, don't get me wrong here. I agree with your vision 100%, the problem is that most of the people don't, they enter squad thinking in a some kind of "Hardcore Battlefield", it's a shame, but it's like that. Now, if you make the thing too hardcore or you don't give them the chance to prove with much evidence that the squad leader is usefull, then they will do as they want because insted of respawning in rally with half ammo, i just respawn in FOB with full ammo, join some random guys, make a few shots, and i'm happy with that. It's not me, it's what post scriptum has proven, you just have to serch the half empty servers it has and play a match to find out that everyone is doing as he pleases and the lack of comms are painful. As i say, i agree with your vision of how squad should be, sadly a part of me knows that in order for this to grow and persist, it doesn't has to be all as much as the hardcore players of squad would want... again, im sure that if you broke the rally system as it is now, you will decrease coordination dramatically...
  7. In my personal opionion, nerfing rallys is a big big mistake, right now things works perefctly and rallys as they are make the game more tactical and cooperative. If you make that rallys dont resuply ammo, then you will have the same problem as Post Scriptum, being, all the people respawn at fobs and run as lonewolfs because the squad leader rol is just useless. Now, I do know that the squad leader has to do more than putting rallys but seriously, whats the motivation for 9 unknown guys to cooperate and follow each other if the squad leader don't have anything really usefull on him to mantain the squad cohesion? Because that's the problem with Post Scriptum, and that is why no one is playing it, because they are trying to do things diferent with the rallying capacity of the squad leaders and the consecuence is a game full of lonewolfs and people running arround, with absolutely no sense of what are they doing or how is the general picture of the battlelines. And what's my motivation to follow a Squad Leader if i can revive in a FOB with full ammo insted of the rally? i know it sucks but this is how the general public will understand this. So please, don't nerf the Rally Points or i am sure it will all ruin... The only thing that make the squads actually to be cohesive is in fact the powerfulness that the squad leaders have with the rallypoints ...and if you change that i'm 100% sure that you will start to find lonewolfs problems and also game rythm criticism, it is perfectly fine right now.