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  1. Squinting while sprinting or walking

    This actually sounds like a great idea.
  2. New magazine reload animation

    I don't know about you guys, but I don't reload my AR the EXACT SAME WAY EVERY TIME
  3. Remove K/D statistics

    Take the Insurgency route. Show K/D ONLY when you fully die (AKA Unrevivable)
  4. Realism Improvements

    Hi guys! I'm Echo, and I'm very new to the forums! I'm a former player of PR and loved it, then heard about this and decided to check it out. One thing I've noticed from every video I've seen of Squad is this : the crazy amount of recoil. Being a Real Steel shooter, I was quite bugged, for a lack of words, at the recoil. The 5.56 doesn't have that much kick to it! Also, the 5.45 isn't that bad either. I suggest that you make the guns move backwards towards the player. However, I do understand that there is muzzle rise. This is really only seen on sutained fully automatic fire, so having your gun jump all over the place when you shoot a 3 shot burst isn't quite realistic.
  5. Realism Improvements

    A great way to replicate real recoil is to move the gun closer to the player's camera, while having the gun move in another direction at the same time (Ex: back and left, back and diagonal)
  6. Realism Improvements

    Sweet, a dev replied! Great to know you guys really are going for realism!
  7. Realism Improvements

    Sweet, sounds great.
  8. Realism Improvements

    Muzzle rise is easily controlled if you know how to hold a gun, however.