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  1. Oh, god! На целых 2 (два!) года сократиться время жизни ССД. Неее, я на такое пойтить не могу. Вообще, метод интересный, но если на ССД осталось совсем мало места, а хочется играть с модами и устанавливать другие игры, то стоит таки задуматься и приобретении второго ССД специально под игры.
  2. I did, didn't notice any difference. Gonna try it again, though
  3. They are kind of the same https://yadi.sk/i/p4UnAdtjxqWut https://yadi.sk/i/IVYDy5OExqWxN
  4. https://yadi.sk/i/p_uJMuNBxqNbk https://yadi.sk/i/Ivlq4LGKxqNdA https://yadi.sk/i/8BcDA0DKxqNew
  5. I did it in v7 and I did it right after v8 download
  6. Kohat: statturing, squad members doesn't show up on compass Chora: heavy statturing with sound crackling First Light: okish The statturing and sound crackling are the worst. Sound issues like no explosion sounds and crackling are present since v7. The FPS overall is around 50, sometimes 30, sometimes 70, depends on the map, players and amount of shooting around you. i5 2500K@4.2, GTX970, Asus Xonar DSX sound card + UNi Xonar Drivers, 8Gb RAM, SSD, Win10
  7. SQUAD Wallpapers - regular additions.

    Not perfect, but I got tired in the process Maybe, will draw something more later.
  8. sick of new squad leaders

    Let's categorize squad leaders: Newcomers who doesn't know anything SL who know everything, except how to win the round SL who do the right things at the right time <3 Sniper/Recon/Vehicle/Tacticool whore squad No mic (not always bad)
  9. There is no point to guess, what is going to be in v8 or v9 or whatever, but some general wishes are: Personally, I would like to have bigger maps. I hope, our modders will make some really big maps like 8km (twice as big as they are now). Also, I would like rounds to be 1+ hours long with even teams, so you can have time for different tactics and don't have permanent action all the time (yep, I want the game to be boring for majority of COD players). Better animations, maybe including facial animations, so player models can look more natural. Better animation transitions with ability to cancel current animation. Light and simple, intuitive, easy to use UI BMP3 (I just like it very much). Also, many weapons on a single vehicle, like PKT, 30mm cannon, 120mm HE cannon, ATGM. Ability to detach deployables from FOB and move them around the map. Ability to load them in transport as cargo. Civilians on INS maps Supply crates and ammo system (the current one looks really like a placeholder) Material penetration AP and AT mines, IEDs You know, I don't see the point of a building with 2 rooms to have 2 entrances. Like wtf? Why? Why vehicles blow up like in the movies? Placeholder? I don't like to have two inventory items on a single key. 2 people to get a vehicle I don't like rally system. I like it more the PR way. Is there a way to make the Netcode even better? Like really, Roy, please. I beg you. Don't say you don't notice this. 60 fps
  10. New models for Russians

    Yes! Also, do you think we all look like mr. Putin ?
  11. New models for Russians

    @samogonthere is no chance for new RAF models, because this is business and they can't spend too much time for winter/summer uniform models. There are other important things to do. But, we can always make a mod for this. A mod with proper RAF models and silly kitty US models
  12. FOB Camping - community thoughts?

    FOB spawn camping sucks from the both sides.
  13. Stream sniping and mini map UI

    Stream sniping isn't really a big problem for other players. It is more of a problem for popular streamers and I don't think this issue has a big priority in DEV's schedule. There are easier ways to get intel about enemy team for the guys, who doesn't want to play fair. But, there was a few cases in PR, when streaming was abused by some guys and server admins was discussing this (too bad I don't remember their decision). For example, streaming is forbidden on many servers like Tushino Arma server even with a delay. It will get you banned without a doubt and without exceptions. There is some russian streamer with close to million subs and he is not streaming because of this (after match videos only).
  14. Rant of the month!

    You just described my regular gameplay Yesterday I was playing PR as a medic, because nobody wanted take the kit. A was called autist, claimed for not doing my job and so on... I was on first place in the whole team for reviving all those angry guys. So, if you are insulting the medic, you will be the last guy to revive