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  1. Weapons precision nerf

    i mean 1-rifle precision nerf at distances like 300m. (or another distance, or do something with staminia bar and shot, like when your staminia is low you can't shot right, i don't know kk) 2-nerf rockets precisions ,not fragmentation rockets, at close quarters. 3-a increase in bloom to suppress fires. (i think they will do this) 4-a players localization with roles at compass only for the squad leaders compass. (to facilitate the administration of the squad, especially when there are random players in the squad) So guys, what do you think?
  2. i was thinking if the weapons recive a nerf in precision like in PR, the player need a "time" to start shot. in squad it's very easy to destroy a vehicle or kill someone, I think that all this "accuracy" takes some of the goal of the game and leaves it very easy and individual, leading to the disuse of the vehicles and taking away that fear of finding someone with a .50 ,m249,pkm, or a vehicle it's my opinion