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  1. Hi, Thanks for the explanation. So i only use synapse 2.whatever for my razer man o war. So i shouldn't need to stop my synapse services for my M&KB correct? I did stop all of my synapse processes the other night, but since then, i have crashed twice slightly differently, where i will get a major lag spike (in performance and FPS) and then it will crash shortly after. one of the two time i got a UE4 engine crash notification. Oddly, i am using my man o war (with synapse 2.whatever) on many other games, both online and off. and none of them seem to be effected aside from squad? Its really weird. any ideas? Thanks
  2. Hi Mate, Cheers for the input. So im running razer synapse 3 for my Keyboard and mouse, and i have the older synapse i believe for my razer man o war. Last night i tried disabling all of my razer processes related to synapse, and the game crashed again, but this time i got a UE4 crash report. Thoughts? Regards
  3. Hi, So i have a pretty hefty PC. not problem running the game, and previously had no issues either. Recently (coming back to play this game a bit after a little time away from it) its started to CTD without any errors or prior warning. I opened up a ticket with support and the only things asked of me is if i have Razer synapse installed, which yes i do, as i need this for me KB and Mouse to function correctly. I have completely re installed Razer synapse, and have the latest version (i believe, and i did anyway) Does anyone else have an issue like this? is anyone else experiencing problems with Razer synapse for this game? Id love to play the game a lot more, its fantastic, but im struggling atm. Thanks