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  1. Stat tracking

    To be honest I am not big into stats and I think its great we don't have leaderboards as this open the doors for more cheating & egos. I am curious though why on some occasions the stats don't seem to line up. For example today I joined the west coast sever in the last 15 min of battle and I clearly killed a enemy 5 meters out and he quickly gave up. At the end of the game I had zero kills? It does not bother me however I am curious how this happens..
  2. M4 burst mode

    Thank you for the explanation. That makes sense and is documented on the squad wiki. I cant get my head around the behavior on the British L123A2 grenadier and some of the medic AK's. Sometimes you have 3 shot burst and sometimes you have full auto...
  3. M4 burst mode

    are you sure about that? I have noticed this behavior for the same class. ie M4 rifleman & British L123A2 grenadier
  4. M4 burst mode

    I'm curious why on some maps we have full auto and on some we get 3 round burst? I really like 3 round burst.
  5. What would you like to see in Squad

    - scaleable UI and text messages for DSR users - option to move text messages to TDC - ability to simply tag/rate SL's or team members for my own personal use so that I can be aware in future games which SL's to play under or which SL's to stay away from. It could be as simple as 3 colours - auto kick users that create squads then drop the role/squad - auto inform infantry when they have been promoted to SL. could be a simple as placing a badge TRC - a slightly better coms system so infantry know when SL is receiving SL coms. not sure how this can be achieved - built in mortar calc - a consideration to remove the LAT/HAT min distance to vehicle - add foregrip bipod animation - increase difficulty for trading infantry that have been shot first to continue running and easily counter shoot - night mode - slow down prone crawl. imo something between what we had and what we have now is more realistic - place a little dot on the role symbol for infantry that have enhanced optics - fade from smoke to no smoke needs tweaking as it is too abrupt - more realistic technical ute/car physics with basic damage model - speed up frag & smoke deployment animation
  6. SQUAD DownUnder | BigDGaming.net

    G'day, I have been enjoying this server for the past few months and I normally get an average ping of 170 from S.E.A. however for the last week or so I have noticed this has increased to 280+. I haven't had any network issues on my end and the ping rate to the west coast tactical server seems fine as well. Maybe it could be a sub cable routing issue or maybe some other issue. Have you admins or users noticed any change?