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  1. What was that UE4 glitch the devs fixed?

    found it:- v12 log is in a funny place...Added World Origin Rebasing. As a player moves further from the map’s “origin point,” there is a subtle but exponential increase in tiny deviations or “scope jitter,” especially when looking through powerful optics. This gets much more dramatic as map sizes scale up and makes for frustrating gameplay when trying to fire weapons more precisely. World Origin Rebasing essentially repositions the origin of the world for each player dynamically to reduce the distance between the origin and the player, fixing the jitter that you experience in things like magnified optics, player animations, and nametags.
  2. I am trying to find out some info on that glitch the unreal 4 engine was producing a version or two ago. My memory escapes me and I cant seem to find the fix in the update notes. The glitch they fixed was in relation to a micro sway on the aiming sights that technically had a small impact on your aim & physics etc.. I vaguely remember it having to do with your positioning on the map. They made some change that better calculates "something" more accurately... I only ask as another game I play in development runs the same engine & I believe they have the same issue. Any help is appreciated
  3. Squad vs Insurgency

    The ability to fight back whilst in a vehicle would be great.
  4. New/additional scoreboard information

    Since we are all putting our 2 cents in... The OP has some nice ideas however i doubt the developers will go that route. I like the the tickets taken & lossed idea as mentioned above. I would also like to see good BTR drivers given some credit somehow. I would also like a stat (% of time SL) for that game. Often no good SL's quit in the last 10 tickets or 3 SL's quit and you try your hardest for the last 50 tickets however your left looking like a fool at the end of the game. Who would want to sign up to your squad in games to come? Id also like SL's that create squads and dont SL to be put on the sidelines for 10+ minutes or blocked from making squads for 24 hours.
  5. Inbuilt Mortar Calculator

    As the tittle suggests. To many bogus calcs floating around the net + newbies jump on the Mortars without calcs and drain the ammo stock.
  6. Gun attachments

    I like how it is set for all. Its fast a fair. I hope we never see something like Arma with a million options...
  7. With the new UI we have the ability to toggle how squad members are displayed on the map. Please consider an additional option whereby members of your squad will be shown as numbers (1...9) or a little number inside their icon. If the squad list had numbers next to each member name then it would be easier to quickly gauge where certain members are rather than having to hover over each icon to find out.
  8. UI Text Chat Colours

    Please consider changing [ALL] & [TEAM] to differentiating colours. They are currently both set on blue.
  9. Night operations?

    I would love to see it. Optics & headgear mandatory. Only US v British forces though. Tech wars
  10. Alpha 12.1 Playtest

    I never swap teams once I have made a selection however today I noticed the UI bug and for the first time. Noobgamer is describing this behavior above. I joined the US team however all roles were Red/Locked and it was showing AK's instead of M4's. Other than that 12.1 feels nice, a little more fluid with less FPS spikes..
  11. V12 performance

    I also much prefer v11handeling and this floaty feeling your all describing seems amplified in servers with lag or stutters.. Its ok on the range however a real pig for me in on the battlefield.
  12. V12 performance

    Thats good to know. I wish the devs stated this in the notes.. I know how to pull down on bursts however I need some time on the range because I am having a tough time with it.. thanks for the info guys
  13. V12 performance

    Its funny you say that because I was also thinking the recoil had changed. I did asked some more experienced SL's I regularly play with however they said nothing has changed. I also could not find any info on this in the a12 change log. That explains alot. How do you know this?
  14. V12 performance

    Are you referring to the new suppression feature or has something been altered on the recoil?