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  1. Audio malfunction

    Hey Beginna, I tried that one as well. Isn't there an option where I can use the digital output device? Do you guys think that you're going to come up with a fix anytime soon? Since the post that you sent is from 1,5 years ago? - Maybe there's a fix for redirecting the audio from my digital output to the headphones? The game automatically selects the digital output (disabling all the other audio devices doesn't work either). Cheers
  2. Audio malfunction

    Hey guys, I know that it is a widely discussed topic on this forum, and I'm not the first one to ask this question, so please don't roast me for it. I tried to launch Squad for the first time today and noticed that there is no audio at all. I've tried the following: - Bluetooth headsets - 3,5mm headsets - Speakers of my laptop - Updating audio drivers - 3rd party software such as (CheVolume, VBCable) There seems to be one thing working, and that is my Realtek Digital Output. In my audio configuration I can see the volume bar moving up and down, but it seems that I'm to incapable to get any sound out of it. By troubleshooting it for the last 2,5 hours today I'm getting pretty desperate, so you guys are the last resort for me I'm affraid. Is there anyone who can help me? Cheers.