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  1. September 2018 Recap

    Graphics needs work especially at distance ... lacks clarity. EVGA 1080 ti SC Black Edition
  2. allow us to choose a color? Some of us have vision problems such as color blindness or just ware bifocals or are just old.
  3. Iranian Army's Ground Forces (Faction Idea)

    It would be nice to also have the Israel Army and British SAS in the game as well.
  4. Trying the benchmark does nothing as far as I can tell. Does it actually do anything?
  5. Serious V12 Problems

    Game needs lots of jeeps. Walking these large maps in not fun. Cannot always get a ride. Some players take vehicles and do not wait for others to get in.
  6. performance issues

    Performance is worse in v12 than it was in v11. There seems to be some kind of stutter.
  7. Limited Testing - 10/31

  8. What would you like to see in Squad

    A few usable civilian vehicles, cars, buses, bikes, etc. Also a few civilians walking and running around, and if a squad kills a civilian then they should loose a respawn (or something else). If some civilians were around some of the buildings then the use of mortars would require a bit more strategy. The ability to open/close windows and doors. More objects around the buildings and streets such as chairs, tables, etc. Definitely more color here and there ... especially in the Sumari maps for example. Beige, brown, tan ... beige brown tab ... after a while playing my eyes start to bleed. Keep up the great work! Squad is awesome!
  9. Why it is so pixelated?

    Pixelation at distance is terrible.
  10. When outside and looking around, say about 200 meters, I can see certain sizes of trucks, trees, and people; however in the game at 200 meters the world seems to small. Anyone notice this? Do I just need new glasses?
  11. https://squad.gamepedia.com/Squad_Wiki
  12. urban and city maps, and some weather would be nice too.
  13. IF the following is true Every bullet that comes within 10 meters of a soldier influences suppression. then the game will turn into HAB fights rather than fun fighting all over the map. 10 meters = 98.4252 feet and we get suppressed = aim sway/tunnel vision = #*&%
  14. Melee Weapons

    shovel as weapon = yes
  15. Would be nice to have silencers for some of the weapons or even some of the pistols.