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  1. Game needs more maps ...

    Squad already has a decent amount of maps compared to most games, but more maps and choices is always better. It would be awesome if the dev team let fans submit their own maps and then we could vote on good ones, or the team could pick the best submitted mod maps to polish and them to put in the game. Thinking about how COD MW2 had a long life because they opened up modding on maps and kept the game fresh. It could be a community thing.
  2. Reload Animation Ejection Port Checking (WHY)

    The game aims for realism. True operators always safety check their firearms before reloading least you double chamber a round and have an accident. Happens often on M4 type weapons. One round loose in the chamber, you put another mag in and release the bolt and BAM, tip of the next round sets off the primer of the stuck round. Go on youtube and look up range videos.
  3. The Weapons Thread!

    I think crewmen should get MP5's or MP5K's. Advantage should be you can move quickly with these weapons while aiming down the sights.
  4. I think Nerfing Rally Points is a bad idea

    Interesting idea. Yes people are lazy. We don't want the game to become walking simulator 2019, but we also don't want the game to slow down too much. Helicoptors may make this a moot point, but we don't want the game to just be Arma III 2.0 either where everyone has to get drop shipped into the combat zone.
  5. Suggestions from a Player with 600+ Hours in Game.

    >AK iron sights hold back those teams too much and are difficult to use (both in game in IRL lol). The green dot sight is a great addition, but with the US/ brits having a lot of great optics, its still pretty unbalanced. Adding a few more reds dots to the different militia roles might help, like the medics. The scouts getting a 3.5x optic in V12 is nice, they really needed one, but still limited mag to 10 rounds. The SKS was really unbalanced without one.
  6. Suggestions from a Player with 600+ Hours in Game.

    V12 - "Map Filter" buttons that can be turned on and off to best suit the current need "Show Spawn points" map filter will turn the select-able spawn points on and off Nice update, just make this default to disabled until you are in a squad and have at least two people in it, then it enables automatically, or it allows you to show spawn points. This should include the labels like H-6-6 ect.
  7. Could be useful, I think only Terrorist and Millita would do it. USA and British would never fire blindly into unknown objects =)
  8. I think Nerfing Rally Points is a bad idea

    Most players just don't want to run a long distance from the FOB. They want to be in the action with maybe the occasional setback when you lose the rally or forget to refresh. Its laziness over everything else. If rallies get killed, then people will just kamikaze FOBs right next to the objective so they don't have to walk/run. In fact, a lot of games right now no one even bothers to put down a FOB and they just use rallies. Which is kinda dumb, but it happens a lot.
  9. I think Nerfing Rally Points is a bad idea

    The major problem with playing on public servers as a squad lead is the general public just wants to get in the action and get kills. So as a squad lead you are always balancing the needs or strategy with keeping your squad mate engaged. Rally's are a good way to keep them engaged. Maybe just give people full ammo but no nades or rockets, they would have to get ammo supply for that or spawn at FOB.
  10. Suggestions from a Player with 600+ Hours in Game.

    It would be impossible to have a map in the game, allow player freedom, and also stop ghosting 100%; however, making it just more difficult will probably deter 90% of the problem. If you would have to start up a squad, get at least 1 or 2 other people to join it, and then spawn in to see the location of a FOB it would be a hassle most ADD gamers would not go through for cheap thrills. I think a lot of it too is coming from friends who maybe end up on opposite squads then give hits over teamspeak. Again, this is shit that is impossible to eliminate 100%. Regular players would not see the location of the FOB on the map, just a label on the side of the map, like it is right now, with a name that a Squad leader assigned it. The player would obviously see themselves on the map when they spawned in, and could probably see where other players were moving from on the Map to guess the location, but it might deter some if it. Right now its way too easy thought, you can just switch teams real quick and open the map, then flip back to your original team. Its basically on the honor system lol. And we know a lot of 12 year olds have no honor =) Really overall, they just need to figure out how to balance the teams. After a match no one switches sides, so if one side has good communication and good players/squad leads, the opposite team will just get hammered over and over until the players log out for the night or people rage quit and the server dies. There is no team balance system so you get matches with 30vs22 and such once a bunch of people rage quit from losing 4 matches in a row. If a team balance system was deployed probably just make it switch an entire squad over not individual players. People usually play on the same squad over and over if your any kind of decent squad lead. I've always had good experiences with voting systems as long as they are executed correctly. Keeps the players happy, and the server population up. Squad games are long (as they should be) so many players op to just leave the server when something goes wrong or you get a bout of bad squad leads or whatever. Having the option to vote forfeit would keep the players engaged and give a team that is losing over and over the opportunity to try and start a map right by having a do over, on the same or next map. They could set it high, like 60% of a team votes yes, or prevent a vote from happening until X amount of time on a map has passed to prevent people from using it to change maps.
  11. Suggestions from a Player with 600+ Hours in Game.

    One last thing I forgot ... add team/squad balancing after a map is over, or many people on one team quit to maintain level teams.
  12. Thought I would create a thread with some thoughts and feedback. First, good job team on creating a great game, this is by far my favorite FPS, and I've played FPS's since the first Wolfenstein. I've read and watched many of the topics, but not everything so forgive me if I repeat anything. Things I think are great: - Keeping the Game Communication based, and not letting turn into another 360 no scope fest (we already have plenty of those) - Your attentiveness to the community and taking suggestions and feedback, many times I've though "I wish X was in the game" and then boom, next update its in the game. - The teams ability to keep the gameplay balanced is fantastic as well, good job on that. - Squad has some of the best Vehicle game-play in any shooter, and it seems to improve with every version. - The addition of modding support. - Fantastic job keeping hackers out of the game, I can't think of too many times anyone was caught hacking (with one exception I will cover) which is pretty unheard of in these kids of games. - Vehicle Repair role and engineer I think is a great idea. - Dragging injured players is a great idea, but may be overshadowed by adding the ability of anyone to bandage a player so they can move. - Thank you for finally adding a knife =) Things I think are badly needed: - Players peaking the opposing teams FOB locations are a real issue (cheating) and is starting to kill the game. Switch teams, having a friend sit on the opposite team, or using another computer/squad install and just sitting in unassigned players are all methods people are using to do this. I would say its ruining 50% of public games and has become a real issue. You get all your FOBs dug up as soon as you place them, or they wipe your FOBs in a 3 minute window. You can fix this by only letting squad leaders see the locations of FOBs and only if they have at least 3 players on their Squad. Or you can just have the FOB labeled "attack FOB" or "defense FOB" or let squad leaders name them when they are placed, so people know which one to select and spawn at, but which are not shown on the map. Most players ask "where do you want me to spawn" anyway. - The future Engineer role, or the Crew-members need to be able to flip vehicles, or dig them out (not just destroyed vehicles) flipping a truck on a huge map or getting stuck on a rock is frustrating and kills the game especially on certain large maps (helis may fix this), same with burnt vehicles blocking your path when there is no other way around (which I know you are considering). - I think the dev team needs to reconsider ranking, specifically for Squad leaders. Squad is popular and there are a ton of new players all the time which is great, however, the game is won in the first 3-5 minutes of a map. When you have 3 or 4 squads out of 5 still in main base because everyone joined with a noob squad leader, and those leaders cant figure out how to enter a vehicle, the game is over before it started. People need a way of judging who is going to be a good squad lead so they can join that squad and start the map right. Hours played would be something you could list next to a persons name. - The dev team needs to institute a voting system so you can forfeit a map, or maybe vote on the next map. You could make this a server selectable option. When the invariable 3-4 bad squad leads lose the map in the first 5 minutes, and everyone is stuck on a team that is losing beyond hope for the next 20-30 minutes or more, people tend to just rage quite and it kills the server. Voting to forfeit, and/or choosing the next map would fix this and lots of games have done this in the past with great results. - Ticket bleed needs to continue to be refined. Right now, there is really no reason to attack an objective when there is little to no ticket bleed as it will cost you more tickets to attack than you will gain. This fact slows the game down too much and most of your team ends up complaining. Pace is important, so is motivation. A little bit of social engineering and incentivizing goes a long way. - Deployables need to protect the player using it more. Right now people don't use machine gun nests and such very much because you just get shot out of them in 5 seconds. You spent so much time developing them, people should be able to use them. Particularly, the machine gun bunkers should really be impervious to small arms fire. It should take a grenade, RPG, IED, or another vehicle or gun emplacement to take one out. This would VASTLY improve the communicative and tactical nature of Squad, as you could setup real defenses, and the opposing squad would have to choose to attack from a different direction, or try and RPG it, or call up a vehicle to take out the nest/bunker and would add another tactical/comms level to the game play. Just rushing in would result is your team just getting chopped up by the machine gun bunker. Keep the same number of deplyables, 2 is enough. Militia machine guns with the armor plates on them really need to cover the whole body, or wrap around more. You should need to get an angle on it to take out the user. Insurgency Sandstorm got this right with their vehicle guns. Also consider this on the militia/terrorist technicals as right now they mainly just serve as troop transports since the guns are useless. - Squad leads need to be able to draw arrows or lines on the map in a limited way (to prevent trolls). We need to be able to direct players and other squad leads on directions in which to attack or travel, kinda like drawing football plays, or circle large areas with enemies (or lack of enemies). Make at least two colors, Red and green. This would also help when playing with international players who maybe don't speak the same language. - Servers need to be able to use custom maps and players should be able to download them when they connect to a server. Lots of other games do/did this. Keeps the game fresh and the community engaged/excited for new game-play. There are lots of great mods and maps being made, but not many people play them as the player count is too low since its difficult to get them installed and find servers. Features I think would be great to add, or maybe voted on: - The ammo bags are sorely needed and its great your implementing them, but I think you should think hard on making players spawn with 2 mags, it may slow down the game-play too much. Perhaps make it so if the nearest FOB has ammo in it, you spawn with a full kit, if its empty, you spawn with 1/2 full kit. You could reduce the spawn ammo points used to something low like 5 or 10 points. - Players, or the members with the ammo bag, needs to be able to pull ammo out of the vehicles, I think your already working on this which is great. - US/Brits/Russians need IED's/C4 or or something similar to counter the terrorists. This is great for breaching defenses/ taking down FOBs. Also, maybe adding anti personal mines / trip wires in a limited way (lets say scouts have one). - US/Brits/Russians need a scout role with maybe different features than the militia ones. - Squad leaders need to be able to grant someone the ability to place deployables and built. Engineer role could do this, or maybe a new 2nd in command role or similar. Often times their is always one guy would really wants to build, if the squad lead is always doing it, the team gets anxious as your the only guy with the ability to drop rallies. - AK iron sights hold back those teams too much and are difficult to use (both in game in IRL lol). The green dot sight is a great addition, but with the US/ brits having a lot of great optics, its still pretty unbalanced. Adding a few more reds dots to the different militia roles might help, like the medics. - Add stun grenades / Flash-bags? - Vehicles still cost to many points, needs to be re-balanced. This could be server selectable. Generally speaking, whichever team uses the most vehicles loses. Noobs kamikaze them, which makes squads leaders not want to authorize them, and hence they sit in main. Just figure out what the average amount of kills people get with each vehicle on a run and then set the ticket cost to just above that. - The number of rockets the US LAT gets needs to be reconsidered. - Figure out a way to incentivize defending an objective on public servers / doing logi runs. No one ever wants to defend or do runs. Ranking would fix this. - Consider making, or getting the community to make, training videos for new players on how to play (I did see the forum post but noobs wont read them). SCUM did a great job of this with their explanation videos of the features in the game. Overall the game is awesome and keep up the good work. If I had to only pick two things for the dev team to work on it would be stopping FOB peaking and adding vote forfeit. Hope this information is useful to everyone! Thank you.