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  1. Tanks for Insurgents and Milita?

    You haven't been paying attention to Syria. Most of the jihadist militias in Idlib have their own mechanized units. (T-55s, T-62s, T-72Ms, etc along with a fleet of BMP-1s)
  2. The sheer amount of LAT needs to destroy and MRAP is ridiculous and unrealistic.
  3. M1A2 wrong ammo type?

    Never said you were. And yes, Germany did make good military equipment, most of which being high quality. But they were not perfect and their later models, such as the Panther and Tiger, were very very ill-designed tanks with the understanding of total war, which they were involved in, not taken into account. The Soviets did the opposite, and designed some of the best tanks of WWII. They understood what total war was and how to wage it. It was a learning process. You say the T-34 was low maintenance, making it on the of the best tanks of WWII, and point to the opposite case for the Abrams as a negative. Both of these are true, yet you refuse to acknowledge that most German medium and heavy tanks of WW2 were VERY maintenance heavy. (Not going into detail since its off-topic. Germans helped put forward the concept of the assault rifle. Were not the first to invent it. The MG42 and MG34 heavily influenced the designs of most man-portable machine guns. The Germans were the first to implement those fire support devices. Lmao, they did not develop our "moon-program".) You seem to think Im defending the Abrams. Im not, don't really care for it. But it is a better design than the Leopard 2. The guns on NATO tanks aren't particularly good. (Russian guns are technically slightly better). The video in question is an M1A2S export variant. Its turret bustle was cooked off by an ATGM, probably konkurs or fagot. The crew is most likely still alive and well. (At least, if they stayed in the tank. Who knows what happened after the video. But the blast surely did not kill them unless blast doors were open which is rare occurence when loader is retrieving ammunition from bustle). Thats whats important. With the Leopard 2, the crew is VERY dead. Even if it was the 2A5 or 2A6, it wouldn't matter. Most improvements on those models are made to optics and turret armor. The main stowage is still heavily exposed, being in an area on the tank usually called the "shell magnet". Even the T-series autoloader is in a more obscure and seldom hit area. You seem to mistake me for some kind of fan of the Abrams design. Im just stating a fact. In terms of ensuring the survival of the crew in case of attack, the Abrams is the better tank.
  4. M1A2 wrong ammo type?

    Im sorry but this is straight up Wehrabooism. I have news for you. It is no longer 1939.Yes I am American and no I am not particularly patriotic lol. Ammo stowage is the biggest disadvantage of both the Leopard 2 and the T-64/72/80/90. Both stow the majority of ammunition with the crew. The Abrams does not. In terms of survivability, the Abrams is the superior tank. There is no dispute. However, putting most of the ammunition into a turret bustle does allow for quick firepower kills that the Abrams seems to suffer from in combat. (See: Yemen, Iraq) This more or less takes the tank out of any offensive actions. It could be utilized as a stationary gun in defensive measures, but even then you would need to store ammunition inside the tank, giving it the survivability of a Leopard 2. The armor on the back of the turret is thinner than most of the tank. There are videos online of Turkish 2A4s getting blown to smithereens by Kurds and ISIS in Syria. (In this video they are firing Konkurs, Fagot, or Metis. Its unlikely Kurds have access to heavier ATGMs like the Kornet. A 20,000 dollar 135mm ATGM cooks off a 4 million dollar tank) I can go on for days about how your claimed German engineering and its innate superiority is a fallacy and myth, propagated by Neo-Nazis, revisionists, and folks who just dont know any better. While it can be said that American and British tanks were lacking, German tanks weren't so well thought-out either. In fact, most of their most successful designs such as the the Panther and the Tiger/Tiger II had horrific reliability and maintenance issues, in contrast to their Soviet and US/UK counterparts.
  5. M1A2 wrong ammo type?

    I just looked it up out of curiosity. Turns out, that the 2A46M-5 is present on ALL B3 models. Its not part of the upgrade package, which is very interesting. B3 obr. 2016 only has a new engine, new PK PAN commanders sight, and new ERA. (As well as many other things) What indicates that the devs are going for the 2016, at least cosmetically, is this extra ERA plate: I really only think the reason why many players regard the T-72B3 as being better in-game is because its so much smaller. The lower profile really helps in avoiding other tanks and vehicles. UE4 and UE3 games have shitty aliasing at long distances as well, the smaller the profile the harder it is to see on your screen. On top of all of that, its also hard to differentiate a T72 from an MTLB. The noise the Abrams makes is so distinct thanks to that gas turbine engine, that you could hear one from a mile away. There have been many times that I was expecting an MTLB to turn a corner and instead got rekt by three jackasses in T72
  6. M1A2 wrong ammo type?

    Ehh, its more complicated than that. Armor values are highly classified and the best we have is estimates given by experts. Just to make a few points A. Technically, the best APFSDS round used by Russia is Vaccum-1, which is being used by T-14. B. You state that it can't penetrate the frontal armor of an Abrams, but then list two areas where it can. 1. Different parts of the Abram's frontal armor has different values. The M1A2 SEP has a glacis rating of 560–590 mm vs APFSDS and 510–1,050 vs HEAT. Frontal turret rating of 940–960 mm vs APFSDS and 1,320–1,620 vs HEAT. And a lower front hull estimate of 580–650 mm vs APFSDS and 800–970 vs HEAT. (According to Steven J. Zaloga. Dont know the distances used to estimate) C. You are stating that M829A4 can pen a T-90 (Don't know the values for the A variant. M variant is much better protected than all other Russian T-series tanks.) anywhere at under 2km. Yes, that is true. But you don't apply the same for the T-72 which you only give its RHA at 2km. Under 2km, its clearly going to penetrate more (basic physics). Given that most engagements in Squad between tanks is well within 2km. (Usually 300m lol) I would say theres a pretty good chance of a T-72 obr. 2016 penning the frontal armor of an M1A2 and vice versa. So yes, The T-72 would have a hard time penetrating the frontal armor of an Abrams but its not impossible as you state. (I mean, you dont even really say that as you give an example of two parts of the frontal armor that CAN be penetrated) Also, note that I said NATO hulls. The Russian military doesn't expect to take on any Abrams in Eastern Europe. They plan on meeting Polish Leopard 2A4s and A5s, which are frankly poorer designs with thinner armor where it matters. (Fight me Leoboos) Currently the real issues are with ATGMs. That armor values are all over the place with that shit. Can't even pen the turret bustle of an Abrams or the back of a T72 with a Kornet or TOW, its getting ridiculous fam.
  7. M1A2 wrong ammo type?

    The devs need to choose between the B3 obr. 2011 or the B3. obr 2016. The current model in-game looks like a hybrid of both. I personally think, for balancing purposes, the B3 obr. 2016 would be better. It has a newer 2A46M-5 gun (Same as T-90MS) which is capable of firing Svinets-1 and Svinets-2, which can penetrate most NATO hull armor. It should also be noted that the current AA gun on the B3. obr. 2016 is the KORD, not the NSVT.
  8. Iranian Army's Ground Forces (Faction Idea)

    The T-72S, like what @kev2go said, is the export of the T-72B (1985) version. The difference between the S and the B3 is that the B3 has newer optics, thermal imaging, Kontakt-5 era (Much better than Kontakt-1, which has no significant effect on APFSDS projectiles), a newer gun which can fire newer ammunition, and I believe a new engine. On some B3s, there is a slightly more modern glacis array which provides more protection. (Some of these B3s were upgrades of T-72 obr. 1989) T-72S is poop version with crappy optics compared to B3.
  9. Iranian Army's Ground Forces (Faction Idea)

    There are three times as many T-72S as there are T-72Z Safirs in service. the Safir was a local attempt at upgrading the small amounts of T-55/59/62 bought from China and captured from Iraq throughout the Iran-Iraq War. There was never many in service compared to T-72S. So, technically the T-72S is more common by far. (I haven't seen Safirs in service for years. Most have been withdrawn. Only 10 still in service. Besides, FCS and other electronics/traits cannot be represented in-game owing to lack of information. T-72S would be the only realistic option) Interestingly, and this is just a sidenote, the current Iranian Karrar MBT looks like it has been in the works for a while. The welded turret that it features looks awfully similar to a Ukrainian design given to the Iranians which they applied to their T-72 fleet. (The T-72s with such welded turrets being labeled "T-72 Khorramshahr". Only a handful were ever upgraded, way back in the late 90s) Well, see this is where things get confusing. The G3A6 is the service rifle and there are hundreds of thousands in circulation within the Artesh. However, throughout the Iran-Iraq War Iran bought hundreds of thousands of Type-56s from China and North Korea. They even went as far as to reverse engineer them to for local production. If you watch Iran-Iraq War footage and study photography from that time, youll see that over time most Iranian soldiers of both Sepah/Pasdaran and Artesh slowly converted to AK-type rifles. The G3 is still seen and is abundant, mainly in parades and drills. Average conscripts in Iran are issued either G3 or Type 56/AKM/Iranian copy. I think providing players with the option to choose like you can with militia/INS would be sufficient in representing this disparity. We have to remember that the Iranian military has been devastated by sanctions and lack of care. Its really in disarray, with only a token portion of the IRGC actually being capable of putting up a fight against any foe. The same goes for the MGA3 and the PKM. Both are used by the Army, despite the fact that the MGA3 has been produced locally in Iran for decades. (Its strange, the PKM is objectively a better weapon as well. Its bizarre that they have clung to the MGA3 but I can't help but appreciate it and its aesthetic)
  10. The M4 feels extremely inferior now.

    Breaking News - Gun designed to be superior in close quarter combat is, indeed, superior in close quarter combat. Eh little to do with rate of fire actually. More to do with the fact that the sights are better for CQC and, with AKMs, they do more damage. The AK74 and M4 have become poop in the new update. Ive resorted to just going RU LAT and headshotting people from 400m away with the RPG-7V2. That optic is amazing.
  11. The Worst Part of v12

    Lmao.. I think the devs are under the impression that all slavs either look like vampires or Quasimodo
  12. Game freezing when loading into server

    Fixed the texture streaming issues for me, no longer have incredibly blurry textures with pre-loading option off. (Still need to test belaya though) Server timeouts and DCing has not been fixed. In fact, it seems worse now. Before, I could join after three attempts on the same server. Now, it just doesn't happen. Ill give it another go tonight, but if that doesn't work i think ill be uninstalling and waiting for a new hotfix or 12.1
  13. Iranian Army's Ground Forces (Faction Idea)

    Hey, I made a thread a few weeks ago about this too! Great minds think alike my good man. Just some input on your suggestions: 1. Rifleman: Both the Artesh and IRGC use G3s and AKs (AKM and Type 56) Its kind of inconsistent and varies between region to region. Most conscripts get G3 while in some cases officers get AKs. In some regions, its the other way around. (To be frank, the AK is just superior to the G3 as a service rifle. Iranians found this out back in the war with Iraq.) The IRGC is almost entirely AK-wielding. (Oh btw, the picture you have there is of an artillery unit. Most probably have kevlar copies of PASGT or something. Not that it matters, M1 pot gives it all an old-school cool vibe.) 2. Saeghe can refer to many different weapon systems of Iranian origin. Specifically, in this case I think you misunderstand. The only HAT-candidate with the name Saeghe is an Iranian copy of the M47 Dragon. You posted a pic of MANPAD called Saeghe. There is also no RPG equivalent called Saeghe. There are however RPG warhead variants called Saeghe, but those are 40mm anti-infantry. RPG-29 or Iranian RPG-7 copy w/ tandem projectile would be a better option IMO. 3. RPK is not common with the Army but rather with Basijis (IRGC militia). I have never seen RPKs in Iranian service but since there is no known SAW for the Iranians I guess it would be the best guess. 4. The T-72Z Safir wouldn't be a good choice. The T-72S is Iran's main battle tank, it is produced under license in Iran and the military has plenty of access to spare parts as well as the ability to manufacture their own. Russia set up the facilities necessary for this back when the deal was signed in the 90s. (This is the origin of the Zulfiqar project. Basically, Iran fitted a Patton with a T-72 gun, new engine, new chassis, new turret and T-72S FCS. This was only possible because Iran had the ability to manufacture T-72S on their own.) 5. Why provide riflemen with optic-less SVDs and give the actual marksman class an bolt-action rifle? That would make the class a sniper and not a marksman. SVD WITH optic is produced under license in Iran and is standard issue for designated marksmen. 6. I don't see the necessity of switching transport trucks and what not while fighting INS/Mil or conventional forces. It seems silly, given that the Neynava trucks seem to asexually reproduce in Iran. (So many of those things) Other than those gripes, I think your thread was wonderful! Pretty informative if anyone is looking to make a mod!
  14. What is wrong with V12 loading time?

    I was experiencing the same issues in public testing as well.
  15. connection with server timed out

    It did for me, It only took three tries to connect to a server with full texture loading disabled. However, it makes the game totally unplayable for me as I load in with very low res textures. (red dots, front sight posts, and optics become to blurry to be used) Trying to enable full texture loading after connecting pretty much destroys my FPS and causes constant freezing and framedrops. While I'm glad they released V12, I cannot believe they are offering a free weekend and sale on the same week as release with all of these expected problems. Doesn't seem wise.