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  1. The M4 feels extremely inferior now.

    Breaking News - Gun designed to be superior in close quarter combat is, indeed, superior in close quarter combat. Eh little to do with rate of fire actually. More to do with the fact that the sights are better for CQC and, with AKMs, they do more damage. The AK74 and M4 have become poop in the new update. Ive resorted to just going RU LAT and headshotting people from 400m away with the RPG-7V2. That optic is amazing.
  2. The Worst Part of v12

    Lmao.. I think the devs are under the impression that all slavs either look like vampires or Quasimodo
  3. Game freezing when loading into server

    Fixed the texture streaming issues for me, no longer have incredibly blurry textures with pre-loading option off. (Still need to test belaya though) Server timeouts and DCing has not been fixed. In fact, it seems worse now. Before, I could join after three attempts on the same server. Now, it just doesn't happen. Ill give it another go tonight, but if that doesn't work i think ill be uninstalling and waiting for a new hotfix or 12.1
  4. Iranian Army's Ground Forces (Faction Idea)

    Hey, I made a thread a few weeks ago about this too! Great minds think alike my good man. Just some input on your suggestions: 1. Rifleman: Both the Artesh and IRGC use G3s and AKs (AKM and Type 56) Its kind of inconsistent and varies between region to region. Most conscripts get G3 while in some cases officers get AKs. In some regions, its the other way around. (To be frank, the AK is just superior to the G3 as a service rifle. Iranians found this out back in the war with Iraq.) The IRGC is almost entirely AK-wielding. (Oh btw, the picture you have there is of an artillery unit. Most probably have kevlar copies of PASGT or something. Not that it matters, M1 pot gives it all an old-school cool vibe.) 2. Saeghe can refer to many different weapon systems of Iranian origin. Specifically, in this case I think you misunderstand. The only HAT-candidate with the name Saeghe is an Iranian copy of the M47 Dragon. You posted a pic of MANPAD called Saeghe. There is also no RPG equivalent called Saeghe. There are however RPG warhead variants called Saeghe, but those are 40mm anti-infantry. RPG-29 or Iranian RPG-7 copy w/ tandem projectile would be a better option IMO. 3. RPK is not common with the Army but rather with Basijis (IRGC militia). I have never seen RPKs in Iranian service but since there is no known SAW for the Iranians I guess it would be the best guess. 4. The T-72Z Safir wouldn't be a good choice. The T-72S is Iran's main battle tank, it is produced under license in Iran and the military has plenty of access to spare parts as well as the ability to manufacture their own. Russia set up the facilities necessary for this back when the deal was signed in the 90s. (This is the origin of the Zulfiqar project. Basically, Iran fitted a Patton with a T-72 gun, new engine, new chassis, new turret and T-72S FCS. This was only possible because Iran had the ability to manufacture T-72S on their own.) 5. Why provide riflemen with optic-less SVDs and give the actual marksman class an bolt-action rifle? That would make the class a sniper and not a marksman. SVD WITH optic is produced under license in Iran and is standard issue for designated marksmen. 6. I don't see the necessity of switching transport trucks and what not while fighting INS/Mil or conventional forces. It seems silly, given that the Neynava trucks seem to asexually reproduce in Iran. (So many of those things) Other than those gripes, I think your thread was wonderful! Pretty informative if anyone is looking to make a mod!
  5. What is wrong with V12 loading time?

    I was experiencing the same issues in public testing as well.
  6. connection with server timed out

    It did for me, It only took three tries to connect to a server with full texture loading disabled. However, it makes the game totally unplayable for me as I load in with very low res textures. (red dots, front sight posts, and optics become to blurry to be used) Trying to enable full texture loading after connecting pretty much destroys my FPS and causes constant freezing and framedrops. While I'm glad they released V12, I cannot believe they are offering a free weekend and sale on the same week as release with all of these expected problems. Doesn't seem wise.
  7. connection with server timed out

    Same here. Nothing helps. Only in V12 Public Testing and new update.
  8. Iran as a future OPFOR faction

    Steam has little to no presence in the Iranian gaming industry anyways, so it wouldn't matter. I regularly enjoy playing as INS since it gives me the feeling of being the underdog, and wins always seem much more fulfilling. Im sure many would agree. Iran would spice things up as not only does it use a mix of Western and Soviet equipment but it also has its own unique vehicles/weapons. The Safir Jeep with Fajr 1 mounted rocket would make the Iranian faction stand out as it gives them a short-range MLRS to be used on the battlefield.
  9. One of the most common suggestions on this forum and on the subreddit is the addition of another, more conventional, OPFOR faction to balance out the two sides. Given the issues with adding the PLA as a faction, I propose Iran, specifically the Artesh, be added instead as a faction to complement Russia. Something to think about once the game is feature-complete, thanks for reading guys. Iran's landscape and regional position corresponds and even matches with most of the Middle Eastern-Central Asian based maps such as Kamdesh, Logar, Basrah, Talil, etc. New maps situated in the Middle East/Central Asia can be built with pre-existing assets found on all of these maps. Iranian military equipment shares a lot in common with in-game assets. Pre-existing assets can be used for or be the basis of an Iranian faction. (The G3, AKM, T72, TOW/Kornet, DSHK, etc are all already in-game). Future assets for the Russian faction and Militia can also be used for an Iranian faction. (Such as the BMP series, Mi-8/17, etc The addition of an Iranian faction gives Squad the opportunity to input new vehicles and weapons such as the Safir jeep, MG3 general purpose machine gun, UH1 helicopter, Cobra attack helicopter, and legacy vehicles such as the M113. The Iranian faction would be unique. It will serve as conventional but not totally modern faction which will force players to adopt new styles of play and change the dynamics of large-scale combat in Squad. Although players will be wielding the weapons of a conventional army, they will be forced to play smart when facing off against factions that are technologically superior such as the US/UK.
  10. October Feedback Roundtable

    Question about T-72 model chosen There is a glaring difference in hue between the commanders cupola and the rest of the tank. Will this be addressed in the final version of V12? The cupola is also missing its "windows".
  11. The Weapons Thread!

    That would be interesting, given that the new AK-12s are just AKs with no rear sight block, gas tube fixed to receiver, FSP/gas block combo, new dust cover, maybe new trigger group, and collapsible stock. Nothing incredible or revolutionary. The biggest change, and the most interesting, is the new iron sights which are apertures instead of notch. They going to be sending the first batch by December, then ramp up mass production in 2019. Izhevsk plant is the size of a small town. They can produce millions of rifles a year if need be. AK-12s shouldn't be anymore expensive to manufacture than a AK-74M, unless they are being made with stalinium receivers hehe. The only obstacle I can foresee is integration into the military. Marksmanship training is based on accuracy through volume of fire. Notch sights on AKs were meant to let the shooter fire in short bursts, then quickly reacquire the target. Aperture sights suggest a shift from that doctrine towards a more Western understanding of marksmanship. Adding AK-12s into Squad would make the Russian faction more balanced with the British and Americans, especially the British who rely mostly on L85 iron sights with similar sight radius and aperture.
  12. Russian Uniform Authenticity - Suggestions

    Those are special forces, not regular army or even marines. Special units are given the freedom of buying their own gear, especially when it comes to uniforms. It seems they buy them in bulk on runet or stores, idk. Regular Army cannot buy different uniforms or camouflaged clothing for obvious reasons.
  13. Russian Uniform Authenticity - Suggestions

    No problem. Hope I didn't come off as too condescending. The models of all factions are done superbly. (Seriously, its GOOD.) However, this faction is just missing some key bits of authenticity that exist with other factions, such as the US and UK. Devs just added the P320 to the US faction. That was just accepted into service last year. There is not specific time period as @Melbo said. The uniform change and body armor improvements for Russian infantry started before the game even came out on Steam. I think the devs def have given themselves the creative room to make any updates if they see it necessary. In this case, I think it is. Thanks for taking the time to read and hear me out.
  14. Just wanted to post this on the forums, see if it gets any exposure. I think most of the community would be thankful if these issues are corrected whenever developers find time. (Maybe after the game is "feature-complete"). These are just little things that irk me. Maybe its just my OCD. The uniforms for the Russians are not accurate at all. They are clearly based on press reportage of 2014 Crimean Crisis and the gear of Russian Naval Infantry and VDV deployed in 2014. This game clearly does not take place in 2014, as seen with US and British troops and their equipment. I think it is fair to say that the RU faction is in need of a makeover, specifically to make the models more authentic and true to the actual uniforms of Russian servicemen. I don't know why the original models were chosen. Maybe lack of research or foresight? Does the dev team still have military advisors from RU? Would be interesting to hear how this came to be. (Before this sperg starts, I just want to begin this with an urgent plea - Change the face of the Russian LAT/HAT/GPMG. That dude looks so comically ugly. Hes like Sloth from The Goonies. Thank you). 1. Inaccurate body armor and load bearing equipment (Red: Wrong Blue: Right ) Current models in-game showcase Russian servicemen with 6B27 helmets and, seemingly, 6B23 body armor/vest. This were replaced from 2015-2017 with the newer 6B47 helmet and 6B43/5 body armor/vest. 6B27 Helmet (Basis of In-game asset) 6B47 Helmet (Standard Issue) 6B23 Body armor/Vest (Basis of In-game asset) 6B43/5 vest 6B24/6sh112-6 Load-bearing harness 6sh117 Load-bearing harness 2. Uniforms/misc. equipment While VKBO is still widespread and more or less standard summer uniform, 6sh122 suit is worn heavily by most infantry. (Think of it like an army issued Gorka. Two sided combat pajamas). 6sh122 (Both sides. Standard Issue.) 6B51 Knee and Elbow pads as well as 6sh122 gloves and 6B50 eye-wear That pretty much ends my OCD-induced rant about the models. It'll just be here if you ever want to make your in-game assets more authentic. I understand this is low priority and is pointless from a gameplay perspective. Thanks for reading anyways.