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  1. Server Licensing General Info

    Hey, us here at Wicked Gaming applied for a server license about a week ago and haven't heard a response. We just want to make sure everything is in order, our application was properly submitted/received, and no additional information is needed. Thanks, [WKD] Jackboot
  2. Unable to Post in Teams Thread

    Works now. Thanks, mate. Appreciate the help.
  3. [WKD] is recruiting! If you're looking for a community that is very active in and dedicated to Squad, look no further than [WKD] Wicked Gaming. The only minimum requirements are to be English speaking and willing to play as a team. Also, being that we are a relatively new and small group at the moment, we have many administrator and Squad comp positions waiting to be filled, so hurry up and submit your application! Join us on Discord here: https://discord.gg/PDBCCB8 Our forums can be found at: https://www.thewickedgaming.com/ Our Squad server can be found by looking for: [WKD] Wicked Gaming [EU/ENG] [WKD] Server Rules: Be respectful to other communities and public players. All squad leaders must have a mic and use English comms. No Spamming. No Glitching. No Hacking. No abusive language. No offensive or URL usernames.
  4. Keep getting "This page isn't working" HTTP ERROR 500. Would appreciate any help. Thanks, Jackboot