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  1. A better tactical map

    Good to hear Gatzby. Not that I was worried
  2. A better tactical map

    The maps need some work imo. Gaining a good situational awareness is not easy without a map that let's you easily identify key features in the terrain, such as hills, woods, open spaces, buildings, roads and rivers. Improving them may not need a complete overhaul either, it's just a matter of improving the visibility of key features.
  3. @Ripgroove: I was implying that the developer would be able to have disconnects in mind and come up with some slick way of bumping a remaining SL up to commander in case of a disconnect. @Multisquid: The suggestion was aimed at making sure that the commander-role could not simply be ignored by SL's. (Which has been presented as a major obstacle to the commander-role as such.) I never suggested stripping the commander of his goodie-bag, be it UAV, heavy offboard Arty or whatever. I don't regard closing squad-to-squad comms in favor of strict line of command as being counter to the intentions of the game, quite the opposite. Making sure the player HAS to rely on the others in some form or other is what the game is all about imo.
  4. I believe it would become tense at that juncture, presupposing the thought of disconnects would never enter the mind of the developers.
  5. A dirty way of ensuring the primacy of the Commander-role would be to shut down Squad-to-Squad comms so all Squad to Squad cooperation would be via the Commander or not at all. The Chain of command would be sealed up pretty airtight right there.
  6. What position do you play the most? Why?

    I enjoy Medic, SL or Rifle/w scope. Just 200hrs. in the game so far, so I keep it simple in all cases. I go looking for nice terrain w good fields of fire to cover approaces / exits to objectives. I loathe sitting on an objective getting shat on from all directions.