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  1. Again, same problem for me, squad crashes saying the VIDEO ram is full. but the strange thing is: i played untill yesterdat with an old 290x with 4GB of vram. upgraded to vega64 8GB. The pc is the same, the windows installation is the same (just completely wiped amd drivers and reinstalled new), squad is the same with the same settings.. can't even start a game that vram is full.. with msi afterburner i can see the ram going up to 7.8 GB at the beginning of the map, and while choosing the faction goes up to 8 and boom how could i play without any problem before ? :v
  2. Since v11 i have some fps problems, the game seems smoother but i have more frame drops in particular situations. i've seen that disabling the distance shadow option i gain ~10 fps, but the game looks horrible and there is that annoying shadow pop up at 10mt of distance.. is there a way to set the distance at which the shadow disappears ? i found the options " DistanceFieldShadowDistance=1000.000000" and "CascadeShadowMapDistance=100.000000" in the gameusersettings.ini but changing the parameters doesn't seem to make any difference. i would like to have a mid distance option. i don't need to see shadows of trees at 500mt of distance, but neither let it pop up at 10 mt in the middle of the action causing a lot of distraction.