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  1. ]NG[ + [508th_PIR] Tacticool Teamwork

    ]NG[ + [508th_PIR] Tacticool Teamwork (ENG) Server Rules No cheating, hacking, bug exploitation or ghosting. No camping main bases, use your own initiative depending on map. No being an arsehole. This involves any number of things such as doorway blocking through to world domination. No intentional team kills except for glitches upon request. Apologise to the person you killed please as soon as possible. Player names must be pronounceable and be comprised from the latin alphabet. Any racist, abusive, insulting names would not be allowed. Squad Leaders MUST have a mic, communicate in English and use proper Squad Leader kit. Squad Leaders MUST make a resonable effort to play the objectives. Any SL playing in poor spirit will be removed. Using any other language in Squad Channel (B) is a decision of the SL but this must be stated clearly in the squad name (like German Mic). English is the main and only language for the Command Channel (G) and Local Channel (V) No one man locked squads (except Logistics Support & Admin). If you are a dedicated vehicle squad, you must have at least two people. One manning a vehicle is allowed (except Tanks) if you are part of a larger or full squad and SL allowes/approves the usage. Tanks must be manned by two people or more at all times. No half-full squads unless specified in squad name. Half-full squads will be asked to merge with other half-full squads. Name your squad properly and use it as a basic description if you would like to have a small squad (like Mortars, BTR, Logistics, SPG, Warrior) During seeding fight over the middle flag. HABs has to be build approximately 200m away from the fighting point. Do not destroy or camp FOB/HAB's, do not use Heavy Vehicles and Mortars (MCROWD included). Seeding is in place when server is below 40 players or admin says otherwise. No idling on the server. AFK players outside of seeding time will be asked to pick a squad or be kicked. Passive clan recruiting is allowed. This means if someone asks to join you, then that is fine; spamming chat/comms is not. This server supports free speech. Banter is allowed, but unwanted harassment and abuse is not. Respect other players and take your issues with each other elsewhere. And always ... Enjoy the game ]NG[ New Generation Discord // 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment Discord ***