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  1. Mercenaries

    BEST IDEA EVER 10\10, srsly i think they should be adding a contractor faction but aginst more "Normal" armies like usmc or us army russia and more and if they are up aginst insurgents its should be insurgency
  2. Hud Element For Friendly Mines & Boobytraps

    which reminds of that they should rly add and EOD kit...
  3. Country/language Flags Next To Usernames

    i a I agree also could lead to racism among the players....
  4. Summer Festival

    sooooo whats the diffrance between this and tomrrowland ?
  5. What'd You All Get For The Holidays?

    like everyone alse, Drunk
  6. Realtime Immersive

    wow this looks amazing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ob7BVTp6IxA 0:30 if they could make milsim that would be a great game
  7. Gore

    i love the gore idea on the nonreviveable squad mates
  8. How Do You Want To See Attachments Done?

    IDF- you get what you get and you will like it
  9. A.I. civies

    arma 2 ACE there was this server that had you take a sort of Translator most of the time it was the medic, or that was a whole squad of ANA which could help you out interrogate the civis the civis would give you intel on IEDS cach locations and ied factory.I would like to see this in Squad...
  10. What I Dont Want To See In Sq

  11. Gore

  12. Gore

    Just gonne put this here:http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=031_1355956780