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    I've also been having problems lately. A13 worked fine for me but A14 constantly is crashing. I've tried numerous things with graphics drivers and re installing squad clearing caches...all that shit. Nothing seems to work.
  2. Definitely agree! Was watching footage of v12 and the new map makes it a very apparent issue at range. I'd like to think they understand this issue and will do something about it eventually.
  3. Limited Alpha 12 Test Oct 10th

    Damn it's over? I just got home from work and wanted to give it a shot..now I have to sit here and watch V11 download right after finishing that beta download...what a tease.
  4. Suggestion to cancel the role of Medic

    There is just no way to remove such an important role from the game. It would serve no purpose. It's more realistic for anyone to be able to administer first aid and then have to receive more serious attention from a medic. I play medic 90% of the time and am interested to see how many people will risk death to revive a teammate. Especially a medic in your squad that has gone down which will be even more important now because no one wants to play with little to no stamina.
  5. September 2018 Recap

    Great post aragorn. Good info there.
  6. September 2018 Recap

    So much HYPE. This is a pretty massive addition that should be worth the wait!
  7. Recap = September

    Looking forward to any news!
  8. A Bit of Merlin on Early Access Exit

    I love the real-time turn based genre. Should be excellent.
  9. The Wrench, August 2018

    Love all the new factions, especially that French one with the new vehicle and sandstorm map!
  10. I think what I liked the most out of that list was giving ability of players other than SL's to mark hostiles on map and then maybe the SL approves with an easy click of page up. That should just be a standard for every faction honestly. In terms of viability of irregular factions using surveillance I think it would be so shitty in comparison that the more I think about it the more I agree with the counter argument. It might just do more harm then good to overall gameplay to have an eye in the sky. I don't know what the devs have in store but I am eager to see how they plan to implement a commander in some useful way we have yet to think of.
  11. It's hard to say how unbalanced such a thing would make the game. For realistic purposes, a UAV acting as reconnaissance for any high grade military in this game would definitely be okay, but definitely would be a pain in the ass for any insurgent type forces or low tech forces. The balancing they already do for low tech factions vs high tech factions is decent enough to where it doesn't feel unplayable, and something like this might just put it a little overboard. The simple way to make it fair would be to only allow it for factions that are equal tech for instance like US vs Russia. But to implement something that significant and only have it on a fraction of the layers would be dumb.
  12. I could definitely see a build-able structure like a trailer and one that launches the UAV to be implemented. Seems like it would easy enough. The build cost would just need to be balanced but I really think it would simple to balance how effective the unmanned drone would be on the battlefield. Not sure if these normally have infrared vision capabilities but I assume they do so whether or not that is implemented would be a huge advantage. I see it being a crucial role of a logistics squad if something like this is added.