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  1. Bring Walking Back

    Correct. I need the full situational awareness without the loud footsteps as I move. Plus I would often use crouch and the walk button at the same time for even slower more sneaky snek life. The walk function never went away, its just that OWI changed the default keybindings and now the walk function isn't accessible unless you were lucky enough to keep your settings from V11.
  2. Bring Walking Back

    Before V12, holding the Caps Lock button would allow you to walk, thus giving you more stability and making your footsteps quieter. After V12 the Caps Lock button was rebound to the "Command Menu" and there is no way to bind the Walk button. Please make walking a bindable key.
  3. I think the ability of a commander to punish SLs who don't cater to their every whim would be abused far too often in pub matches. If implemented they should be able to offer incentives only for filling an objective given by the commander, not punishments. I have to agree with MultiSquid though, I think naming the position intelligence officer or some such is a better route to go.