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  1. Monitor upgrade

    1440p in my opinion was not worth it the only thing i noticed is the crap bushes look like bushes and now Im getting Vram errors with 8gb of Vram i recommend going 1440p when they put out another vram/optimization fix out because even with lowest settings Squad keeps crashing with out of Vram errors with my gtx 1070ti P.S. 1080p 24 inch is not that different form 1440p 24 inch... upgrading to 1440p just unlocks the getting a bigger monitor but not better visuals in my opinion
  2. Bought new gaming laptop – 30 FPS?!

    save up some money i've been where you were but i got a laptop with intel hd 4400 for 800$ but now i saved up some money for 4 years and i have a desktop that cost about 1400$ running Squad at 1400p 90-80 fps also try and find a friend to buy it and maybe sell it at around 600$ or 500$
  3. Flickering Ground

    i've seen this before... i don't remember what the problem was but i think your graphics card's memory bandwith is getting limited... can't really think of anything else
  4. specs i5 8400 16gb DDR4 2400mhz C15 RAM GTX 1070ti 600mhz memory overclock with 100 mhz core over clock 1440p shadows medium effects high foliage low view distance epic bloom on lens flare on motion blur on TAA on fps Out doors running around 80-70 fps looking at the sky 120-140fps in APC and shooting other APCs/cars 50-65 fps in APC just driving 70-65 fps firefight with a lot of people 70-75 fps minimal fps is 50 and that only happens in APCs minimal fps outdoors and fighting is 65fps while being in smoke and grenades flying everywhere and Automatic Rifle men shooting all around you everywhere and sometimes hitting you would recommend going for a gtx 1080ti when prices drop also get a 800w psu for it while you are waiting (buy it when it is 550$ or lower)
  5. "Out of video memory trying to allocate a texture"

    huh i've been having this problem and never tried that... but isn't the page file for RAM? and not VRAM? kinda confusing how that would work.... if you think about it page file gets used as RAM then the RAM serves as the back up for the Vram so i guess it works in the end but with you will get a really shit stutter instead of crashing i guess
  6. New gaming laptop - Fps dropped

    the specs of your other PC would be nice also you have maximum performance mode activated in the software your pc comes with and in the power options right? also have you tried to learn how to build a PC it would only take 40-60 minutes and a little risk a noob could do a build in 3 hours with proper training before hand because you could return it or maybe you do have to return it because there is a malfunction,,,, BTW if you do think about the whole building it thing rx 570 with a r5 1600 are probably the best budget parts
  7. How Does Squad Do on Ryzen 5 2600X?

    are you playing on 1440p? if so then i recommend a gtx 1080ti and then using a ryzen 1700 I'm recommending a gtx 1080ti because Squad is a Vram heavy game right now and at 1440p it is unplayable with 8GB of Vram also recommending the ryzen 1700 because more cores and better multicore speed by 14% and in the near future games are going to be more dependent on that stuff also 1440p gaming makes the CPU performance difference much smaller also recently faster RAM has gotten cheaper and i would say 3200mhz is pretty good but maybe if you can go higher if it's only a 10$ difference P.S. most of the stuff is stored on Vram so using an SSD won't make a difference... just get a 2TB seagate 7200rpm 3.5 inch HDD really good data/$ HDD at good speeds read and write are a little more than half the speed and the random writes are like 2 mb/s compared to an SSDs is 100x slower in that department (not joking) Also don't try doing RAID 0 it's only like a 5-10% percent performance boost and you have to re-format the drives it's more useful with people who have 5 or more HDDs
  8. Hi Specs Gtx 1070ti i5 8400 16GB DDR4 2400mhz C15 memory playing at 1440p i' ve been playing this game at some decent settings and i would always get a Out of memory error randomly so what i did was lower all the settings and turned off everything and turned on pre load textures and i checked the Vram usage on the training map and it was at a crazy 7.6GB is this normal? or does squad just not like 1440p?