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  1. November 2018 - Squad's Next Phase

    A big performance upgrade would be great! Also lower the pings or bring out a patch for servers too!! Thanks guys! You are doing great!
  2. Little squads, many vehicles v12.

    In Squad i miss more Teamwork between INF and APC Squads. I really loved it in project reality when our SL requested an APC to start another assault from a different direction with APC-Support in the background!
  3. Bring Walking Back

    I also miss a walk-function in Squad. At some times i wanna go sneaky and silent. It is also useful when going slowy around a corner while aiming! I loved the walk funktion in Insurgency too! There, you could switch between run and walk by pressing alt. Would love to use this in Squad! Shouldnt be that hard to get it into the game! Keep up the good work guys! Cya on the battlefield!
  4. Horrific Performance in Squad all of the Sudden

    Yes.. its true. Sometimes the frames go down quickly on some maps at certsin areas. Fogy Maps with a lower view run much much better and stable. The game needs a much better performance!
  5. Just want to address some connection problems

    I could play Squad on Win7 without problems. Then i got a new pc with Win10 and my ping (40 - 60) suddenly went up to 128, 220 for a few seconds. Then it went back down to 40 - 60. It was really unplayable. I found out there was some software in the background that came with Win10 . It waslooking for updates which must have caused the problem for shortly high ping peaks.
  6. Just want to address some connection problems

    I found a solution. If you are using Win 10, then block many Background Apps causing problems. No Auto-Update Tools running in the background, no Offline-Maps, no position and you should be fine! I have no ping peaks since playing on 3 servers. I think it was because some Program/App was looking for Updates which caused a shortly high ping every few secs.
  7. And rx 570/580

    Hi guys. I'm using a Rx 580 with High settings and i get stable 72fps with my Monitor and Freesync during city-battles. It drops down to 50fps on some maps, when i am ontop of a hill, looking over a village with lots of buildings. Do you think a Vega 56 could bring stable 72 fps when being on a hilltop, looking over a big village? The Rx580 can be compared with a gtx 1060. Whst can a Vega 56 be compared with?
  8. Just want to address some connection problems

    I just built my new pc together..mainly for squad and insurgency. I mostly start with a ping of 60.. later on it goes up between 120 and 300...unplayable lags. Then i am forced to quit the game. I checked my system to make sure there are absolutly no downloads running in the background and the game is not blocked by my firewall. I also changed the cable going to the router and switched off all wifi in the area to disable downloads. Insurgency and doom were good playable with a ping between 50 and 70. It was very nice and enjoyable. I'd like to get back to squad! Today i uninstalled steam with all games. Tomorrow i will reinstall squad and give it a try! But it somehow has to do something with the game. I will report after the next test.
  9. And rx 570/580

    Hi mate. Are you still happy with your RX580? Do you play on medium, high or ultra settings? Anybody else with a rx580 with some results? I aint really sure if a rx580 would be more than good enough, or if i should unlikely invest more money for a kfa2 1070 ti. I mainly play squad and insurgency.
  10. How Does Squad Do on Ryzen 5 2600X?

    Hi guys. I need a new computer for squad! I seen a good offer: CPU:Ryzen 5 2600x Mainboard: B450 Tomahawk GPU: Kfa2 Geforce Gtx 1080 Exoc Ram: 16GB - 3200MhZ Is this system any good for playing Squad with good graphics and good fps-frame-rate? I aint so sure about the CPU, would intel otherwise be better? Please give me some feedback :-)