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  1. And rx 570/580

    Hi guys. I'm using a Rx 580 with High settings and i get stable 72fps with my Monitor and Freesync during city-battles. It drops down to 50fps on some maps, when i am ontop of a hill, looking over a village with lots of buildings. Do you think a Vega 56 could bring stable 72 fps when being on a hilltop, looking over a big village? The Rx580 can be compared with a gtx 1060. Whst can a Vega 56 be compared with?
  2. Just want to address some connection problems

    I just built my new pc together..mainly for squad and insurgency. I mostly start with a ping of 60.. later on it goes up between 120 and 300...unplayable lags. Then i am forced to quit the game. I checked my system to make sure there are absolutly no downloads running in the background and the game is not blocked by my firewall. I also changed the cable going to the router and switched off all wifi in the area to disable downloads. Insurgency and doom were good playable with a ping between 50 and 70. It was very nice and enjoyable. I'd like to get back to squad! Today i uninstalled steam with all games. Tomorrow i will reinstall squad and give it a try! But it somehow has to do something with the game. I will report after the next test.
  3. And rx 570/580

    Hi mate. Are you still happy with your RX580? Do you play on medium, high or ultra settings? Anybody else with a rx580 with some results? I aint really sure if a rx580 would be more than good enough, or if i should unlikely invest more money for a kfa2 1070 ti. I mainly play squad and insurgency.
  4. How Does Squad Do on Ryzen 5 2600X?

    Hi guys. I need a new computer for squad! I seen a good offer: CPU:Ryzen 5 2600x Mainboard: B450 Tomahawk GPU: Kfa2 Geforce Gtx 1080 Exoc Ram: 16GB - 3200MhZ Is this system any good for playing Squad with good graphics and good fps-frame-rate? I aint so sure about the CPU, would intel otherwise be better? Please give me some feedback :-)