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  1. i use the Focusrite 2i2 USB Interface with the AKG K271 Mk II Like RipeGroove told above i just play with a Stereo Headset. I played alot of BF3 (ESL) with the Astro A50 (i think) Headset and i loved it. After the Headset broke i tested out some 7.1 Headsets (Razor, Logitech) and it was nice too. But in heavily fire and loud sounds the 7.1 surround sound didn´t work for me anymore. So i switched to my AKG (used it normally only for recording before) and i never want to switch back. I can hear enemys all the time, even if anything explode nearby my position because the sound stays clear.
  2. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    And this is right too. At evening / afternoon the most big clans EU servers are full of players. And of 20 guys i know who buyed PS are only 4 still playing PS Some friends (and me) just gave back the game.
  3. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    I play the most time on the We ♥ Squad Germany Servers. At 0900-1100 GMT the first server is nearly full of players everday. On the weekends around 0600-0800 GMT and around 1000 GMT the second one is full And of course the last weeks the server seeded faster because of the summer holidays in europe and now all servers will start a little bit slower again.
  4. [WIP] Mogadishu Map (Black Hawk down scenario)

    @Psyrus Sorry i maybe missread you comment. It was to early in the morning.... i just overflow your comment and read it like "to much vegetation and objects for some CPU"
  5. [WIP] Mogadishu Map (Black Hawk down scenario)

    First, thanks for the nice feedbacks @Psyrus the most foliage and buildings will disappear if i take screenshots a little bit higher. Thats why i take the screenshots nearly all the time down pointing And for the screenshots and minimap creating / working on the mod there is a higher range of visibility at the moment
  6. Name: Mogadishu Location: Africa, Somalia Size: 3x3km Teams: US Army vs Insurgens Gameplay: Invasion, (P)AAS and maybe Insurgency Description: Hey Guys, i´m about to create a Mogadishu like Map at the time of the Black Hawk down scenario. Its not an 1 to 1 replica but i hope it will work well. Here some more pictures of the WIP