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  1. Time to remove buddy rally?

    I don't like "Buddy Rally" either, but there are still maps without helicopters, there could be no Commander role allowed on server (or free weekend with newbie SLs, who don't know how to promote one). Biggest problem of BR - extremely fast redeploying in the defenders rear, when they rushed out and overrun enemy attacking FOB. Second one - risk of exposure of primary rally. Solution: Buddy rally request (like vehicles requets). If there is another rally in 50m radius, it's owner have to agree too. Buddy rally are single use and limited capacity (SL+2). Requesing side will wait 2 minutes until spawn, and SL rally timer will be reset when spawning on BR. Accepting BR request reset you rally timer, adds 2 min to you own rally timer and all rallies in 50m radius. If another request accepted in 4 minutes - 2x more time added. Result: last rally owner will think twice before accepting 3 simultaneous request, because it will delay his men for 14 minutes (2 + 2*2 + 2*2*2) and all others will be able to spawn in 16 minutes.
  2. v16 HAT vs Russian Helo

    Going off-topic? Ok. How does it make any difference in accuracy or damage? SKS? Can you prove it's not empty mags and clips at the start (animations skiped for simplicity)?
  3. System Requirements outdated?

    Nothing in background. Probable problem with 1903 - scheduler updated with "topology awareness", which shoud improve performance, and it does in another game for me. So I dipped into BIOS to tweak and overclock CPU a bit. Still have stutters, but significantly less. So problem is most likely CPU single-thread performance.
  4. System Requirements outdated?

    When it "finished", it is "finished" (noone plays it). I tried this approach: not working with online games. 1000+ hours played (most of them without stutters) - too late to charge back. I just have got an idea: never asked people about OS version. A15 was almost same time my PC was infected with 1903 update... Not effected any other games, but still may be a problem there. For me it's not "unnoticeable": during intence fight at least every 5 seconds screen freezes for about 1 second. With "high" sound settings it completes with sound distortion and FPS turns into SPF.
  5. After A15 release I have huge drop in game performance: from 45-60 FPS down to 1-15 (Still 60FPS in training or empty server). First i wiped out config and cache, reinstalled game - nothing changed. Only one thing actually worked - low sound quality and only "100%" in sound settings. After this i was able to play skirmishes at half-populated servers; more players, or vehicles fight = unplayable lags. In-game I asked players about this problem, and most of them complain about stutters during intense combat. I was thinking it's bug, that will be fixed soon. But A16 released and I see, it is probably new iteration in game's development. After comparing system configuration examples I was given by the players, who have no stutters after A15, I suggest following changes to System Requirements: (Both parameters changing in configurations simultaneously, don't know what actually fixing it) RAM: 32GB or more CPU: at least 6 core at 5+GHz Storage: 60GB There is also a probability, that it's still a bug and all players have stutters of different magnitude, but owners of "top overclocked watercooled rigs" are fraud. P.S. Only 3 questions allowed in poll, so no SSD, GPU, connection width and delay to servers...
  6. Helo spotting HABs.

    Devs forgot about deployable AA guns. Helicopters should not live long outside friendly territory.
  7. v16 HAT vs Russian Helo

    Almost all my squad was shooting enemy helicopter langing in the field less than 100m away. I wasted 3 clips firing singles before it finally touched ground. Landed troops was killed instantly, but during prolonged descend and ascend noone was killed inside helicopter, neither itself was damaged to some smoking state. Gunner and pilot took a lot of hits, but they are probably immortal. I saw someone killed in helicopter only once - when AT hit it.
  8. Ammobag

    But you don't need anything with bag: no co-op squad, but solo way. 2 bags and your squad can use it to climb at top of 9-floor building without FOB and no time wasted on construction. Glad to hear that.
  9. Ammobag

    Played a bit during last A12 PT. And there was a strange thing about ammobags: it's has collisions and can be moved instantly. I was able to use it as fast deployable ladder and climb up to previously unreachable highs. I think, players will abuse it all time in future: building a FOB at rooftops or crossing enemy defences in seconds. So, some solutions: no coolisions, or deploy only on larger flat surface, or use it as a tool like first aid kit. Second problem: can't resupply partially. As example: I throw out 2 grenades, and only 15 ammo left in bag. I was expected to get one more, but it only do full resupply. In addition to "Resupply all" put submenu "Partial resupply" with list of separate types of ammo, which player can pick by one.