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  1. What position do you play the most? Why?

    I love spg-9 emplacement sniping but I need squad mates to set this up and other SL's get pissy at me when they see me setting up a FOB on some far away hill. I prefer to do this solo so i'm not wasting man power but the game lacks the tools for me to set it up solo. I simply have to waste other peoples time to set it all up and I don't need those people any more once its set up. This mechanic is something I really dislike. I also love driving around in a trans truck hunting armor with light AT. armor in squad is so easy to kill i can slaughter all the enemy armor solo. they never expect the trans truck to be the herald of their destruction. If you see me in game place a radio and spg on a hill pointing at an objective/busy area and i'll handle the rest. I am a surgeon and the spg is my scalpel.
  2. Mk 19 in project reality not squad why?

    Mosin Nagants.
  3. I'm a kid, how will people react towards me and how should I behave?

    Firstly, Didn't read anything. Secondly, I love kids they have high energy and learning potential. I've had nothing but good experiences with kids in squad and I hope more kids choose Squad over battlefield or other casual AAA titles and free to play trash heaps.