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  1. Squad and PR (Project Reality)

    When you got pushed back in PR you could recover if you tried but in Squad if you get pushed back the round ends before any interesting counter attacks can happen. The gameflow and ticket system in squad is completely broken.
  2. My full mech inf squad was disbanded by an admin during a match and i was kicked from the server for not following a rule that was made up on a whim. https://www.56thcanadian.com/about-server-rules Rule ten clearly states you cannot 1 man a crewman vehicle and no where does it say anything about running infantry squads from a crewman vehicle. The kick message was something along the lines of, "rule 10 running an infantry squad from a crewman vehicle". My squad was a mechanized infantry sqaud. A mech inf squad can quickly react to changing situations and not allowing for that type of gameplay in a server greatly limits the possible gameplay options. Rule 10 says nothing about not being able to run an infantry squad from a crewman vehicle it only says you can't 1 man a crewman vic which is standard practice on all servers. Whoever the admin is that kicked me is a complete moron and i've NEVER had a problem running mech inf in my life. You should not have been surprised by the verbal abuse i gave you for such piss poor administration. If any 56 admins are listening please do not bother replying with something like" we warned you multiple times in chat" NO ONE sees chat warning because they're busy playing the game they paid money to play and text warning are unreliable and half assed method of communication.
  3. I've had the same thoughts and i need this implemented. Without said tools I have to waste time explaining and convincing why i need only certain roles to 80 iq players.
  4. Game needs non owned servers

    Well said. I'm able to read the wall of text just fine but you might want to break it up into... What do they call them? Paragraphs? I do miss the days of ]H[ hardcore admins kicking people for reason "keep it real". I cannot recall having problems with admins in the reality mod golden age. If they kicked me it was for a good reason. There are a few good admins in squad but only a few. Its like the squad admins expect fps gamers to be a bunch of docile heavily medicated sheep. There are now more thin skinned casuals then there are thick skinned gamers. There WILL be drama in an FPS game. We can't have that now because the admins are a bunch of "safe space' nannies. lol. personally i do way better when people start talking shit. it gets me pumped up and you need to be pumped up to play good in PVP games.
  5. I suggest this gun be added as an option to the militia medic, militia sapper, insurgent squad leader, insurgent sapper, insurgent medic. Allot of people love this gun and it's a shame to only have it available for the crewmen. Would you please slip it into the next update for the militia and ins. ?
  6. What position do you play the most? Why?

    I love spg-9 emplacement sniping but I need squad mates to set this up and other SL's get pissy at me when they see me setting up a FOB on some far away hill. I prefer to do this solo so i'm not wasting man power but the game lacks the tools for me to set it up solo. I simply have to waste other peoples time to set it all up and I don't need those people any more once its set up. This mechanic is something I really dislike. I also love driving around in a trans truck hunting armor with light AT. armor in squad is so easy to kill i can slaughter all the enemy armor solo. they never expect the trans truck to be the herald of their destruction. If you see me in game place a radio and spg on a hill pointing at an objective/busy area and i'll handle the rest. I am a surgeon and the spg is my scalpel.
  7. Mk 19 in project reality not squad why?

    Mosin Nagants.
  8. I'm a kid, how will people react towards me and how should I behave?

    Firstly, Didn't read anything. Secondly, I love kids they have high energy and learning potential. I've had nothing but good experiences with kids in squad and I hope more kids choose Squad over battlefield or other casual AAA titles and free to play trash heaps.