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  1. 1st Marine Division (US/ENGLISH)

    Now a proud member of ASC (American Squad Collaboration). Come get some with dudes that don’t suck. New players welcome!
  2. 1ST MARINE DIVISION Squad Milsim General Info Purpose This unit was created was to bring together like minded players for a coordinated, military simulated, teamwork oriented game. 1MARDIV is a semi-serious milsim unit that prides itself with training, coordination, and heavy role oriented game play. We are not the “yes sir” hardcore, however we expect our members to conduct themselves accordingly (respectfully) while in game. Recruiting and membership Recruiting will be an ongoing effort in order to fill multiple positions and billets. The following rules will be upheld for membership: MUST be 18 or older MUST have a working microphone MUST be a team player MUST own a legal copy of SQUAD MUST speak fluent ENGLISH All recruits MUST complete basic (MCRD and NHCS) to ensure all aspects of game play are known to the player. Basic is NOT your typical “boot camp”. It’s designed to assure the player has a solid understanding of all game play mechanics and controls. SOI and FMSS is the next stop after basic. Here, recruits will learn how WE operate as a unit. No shooting ranges or obstacle courses, however we will teach basic movements, formations, commands, and infantry tactics, based upon current game play mechanics. Those who are prior service MUST complete both training requirements as it is expected to understand how WE operate within the game. We have taken some aspects of all US branches and molded a training plan to best suit game play mechanics. Prior service will earn an E-3 rate once SOI/FMSS has been completed. Your senior officers are combat veterans with multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Stolen Valor will NOT BE TOLERATED, and immediate dismissal from the unit will be taken if there is any doubt. Hell, we will even publicly post it on the squad forums. Bottom line, we will NOT put up with it. If you don’t have a DD214, don’t even try to say you do. Once both are completed, the player may request transfer to a billet of his/her choice as long as there is an opening. Transfers requests can only be made at the beginning of the month and based on operational need. Structure explained Our structure gives the unit, and players alike options. We want to have a broad range of tactics and billets depending on what YOU want to do in the game. It’s your free time after all, shouldn’t you play how you want? Obviously everyone can not be in charge of the tank (coming soon) section, so everyone has to understand that as positions fill up, a player needs to wait for a space to open for a transfer. We will not hold back an open billet transfer unless it would completely undermine the entire operation. The 1st MARDIV is comprised of several combat units. Each of these units have a specific role to play in game. We will list and explain their roles accordingly below. 1st Battalion 1st Marines (OPEN) This is the bread and butter of the unit being the infantry element. Primary role is ground combat operations and maneuvers. 1st Tank Battalion (CLOSED) 1st Tank is a new section that will be implemented when tanks are available in game. They are the primary armor group which are tasked with supporting the infantry. 1st Combat Engineer Battalion (OPEN) 1st CEB is responsible for logistical operations. FOBs, Artillery support, logistical transportation, and route clearance (mines, IEDs) are the main missions they carry out. 1st Reconnaissance Battalion (INTERNAL SELECTIONS) 1st Recon is the forward observing, scout unit who can be tasked with observing fire missions or any additional task the field commander requests. This unit is cross trained in various disciplines including clandestine recon, MOUT, small unit tactics (SMT), and target acquisition and identification. This is a small group which traditionally has a long waiting list. Headquarters Battalion, 1st Marines (INTERNAL SELECTIONS) HQ BN is where all of the admin work is completed. Command elements and training elements make up HQ BN. Rank and positions Do not ask for rank. Do not ask for a position unless you are qualified. If we feel someone needs to be promoted, it will happen. Leaders and NCOs may request promotions and transfers for their players and we will review each one. In the beginning stages, there will be players moved into key positions as needed. Those positions will be on a trial basis based off of the players performance. Leadership positions will not go to power hungry players. The purpose of having a leadership structure is to pass down orders from command to effectively execute battle plans. Those who demonstrate poise and clear communication, while having a intimate knowledge of basic operations and maneuvers, will be the leaders. Furthermore, we are looking for those who are critical thinkers that can solve complex problems in a matter of seconds. If you believe you meet these requirements, please feel free to approach your next player in the chain of command and discuss possible leadership opportunities. We are currently recruiting for Marines and Sailors for the infantry and combat engineer platoons, as well as looking for those that can lead. This unit is new and in the formation phase, however we expect a decent recruitment rate. We have an OFFICIAL 80 man public squad server which is already online and will be used for training's and joint operations. If interested, please join our discord: https://discord.gg/2vEjmcY
  3. We are pleased to announce the opening of our long duration war map server. It’s an 80 man without team restrictions designed to bring larger groups together to play a combined operations battle. The server starts with 10k tickets with NO time limit. This is a logi/FOB builders heaven! Gather your troops and defend points for hours on end! There are a few mercy rules established which we will not disclose, however if one team is getting rolled, the match will end very soon. SWC mod is required to play and it’s open to everyone! Feedback and suggestions are welcome and appreciated!!