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  1. Ye, thats what I meant with you can disable and build freely as it is at the moment But I'm glad that some others like my idea I hope some dev's maybe become attentive on this thread and try to add this feature
  2. @MultiSquid The actual scenario is : U build a line of sandbags and u want to place another line exactly on top of it to get the higher wall, you can place it there but there is some space where u can drag it on top of the lower sandbags... there is a high chance to place the upper one oblique (if I can say that) to the lower ones. With the snapping tool the scenario is like this : U buid a line of sandbags and you want to place another line exactly on top of it, you can enable the snapping tools to fit the edges and corners of the lower line of Sandbags to the edges and corners of the upper line. If you to build oblique is that what u want to do you can disable the tool and build freely as it is at the moment in A11. Of course you can expand the features of the snapping tool in all directions but I think its only needed in height. Hope this Information is enough found this video where you can see the function of snapping
  3. Hello Squad Community, I thought about a snapping tool for building. Yesterday I played with my Squad and we build a Superfob. One of my friends build all the sandbags... he wasn't very precise because we need to hurry up. When he began to place the upper sandbags the thing started getting worse. We build small gaps for walking in and out and if the enemy rush the fob we can easy defend. These small gaps worked with the lower sandbags but when he placed the upper ones nobody was able to get through. We had to destroy all upper sandbags and replace them very precise which cost a lot of time we doesn't had. I think if there were something like a snapping tool which you can enable and disable for personal preferences. With this tool you can Safe a lot of time. Please give me feedback if you think it's a good Idea.