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  1. V13 Optics

    never played PR, if that's how it was sure why not
  2. V13 Optics

    Why everyone in V13 has an optic? Idk doesn't seem proper, if you want them to be able to see further just let us lower the FOV back to 80. Medic w/ optic, Grenadier w/ Optic (Idk how we are going to use the m203 with the acog). Is the game becoming r6s, like get the thing with the highest zoom and just w8 for the enemy?
  3. BTR 164AA (from Chernobyl)

    Lads because one 30mm is not enough. We are happy to announce the BTR 164AA. Now with dual 30mm auto-canons!!!
  4. Tactical player character movement and animations

    Interesting! Those things will enhanse the game in a very interesting way. I hope it's gets implemented!
  5. Guide: Map Versions

    Hello everyone! Unfortunately, detailed map information is not listed anywhere. So, I decided to make a database with all map versions. In order to help server administrators and players to find their favorite maps versions. Making their life a little less frustrating. I hope my guide helps. Guide is not finished yet! More map versions will follow soon. For the guide click here. Always with good will, Battlecator | :
  6. Sun & Compass

    Yeap, I didn't post this to say that "the game is bad" or the "developers are lazy". I was seeding the other day, on the server of my unit, and I just noticed it.
  7. Repack Magazines

    Hello everyone! Is it possible in a future build of the game that we would be able to repack magazines of the same type. For instance, it's very annoying when you clear multiple buildings and you are left with 3-4 semi-full mags. https://ace3mod.com/wiki/feature/magazinerepack.html Always with good will, Battlecator |
  8. Sun & Compass

    SunCalc is a nice tool that shows sun movement and sunlight phases during the given day at the given location.
  9. Sun & Compass

    I live in a country near the equator. The sun during the day is making an arc from the east to the west. To be honest it just feels strange to see the sun somewhere else. But that's true the closer the sun gets to the peak of the arc, the harder it is to tell where is EAST and where is WEST respectively.
  10. Sun & Compass

    Hello everyone! I 've noticed that in most maps the sun is not facing the EAST or WEST. Here is an example from OP First Light AAS v1. Always with good will, Battlecator |
  11. July 2018 Recap

    I agree with what you said but 2 mags for a US rifleman is not realistic. This system could work this way: You spawn with everything your role should have. If you die and want to re-spawn you will have to wait quite some time if you want to spawn fully equipped. For instance, you can spawn when the timer ends but you will have 2 mags instead of 7, no grenades, 1 bandage, etc.