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  1. Suggestion: Graphic Option

    I just recently found the option to change names to just class load outs. It's actually way better than just names but still clunky with scopes while doing oversight on a friendly pushing a front. That said, I would enjoy my suggestion as stated above. Also thanks on responding.
  2. Suggestions: Would it be possible to Change name tags of players in your crosshair to a Dot similar to an SL icon? The reason, why I ask for this, is due to long names taking away from my vision. Makes for poor aiming conditions and is unrealistic to battlefield knowledge of a person location w/o radio confirmation. How I think the 3D name tags should work is like this. Full name displayed at the foot of the other person within 15 meters. From 15m+ allow for a Scaling Dot system based on the distance a person is viewed. Thus allowing the dot to take up less screen on scoped vision. ------------------------------------------------------------ Fix 1-meter tall tree saplings from stopping an APC. ------------------------------------------------------------ Keep up the good work~!