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  1. A16 Helicopter First Impressions

    totaly agree with that...100%....thanks for saving my time to wirte down the same . It feels like u play a bad arcade heli-sim. Dont get it wrong, i love that game and all of your Updates so far, but this "heli-thing", is why i bought this game. I cant even play/test the PU bcause im so disappointed. Plz make it more like a sim and throw that acarde feeling away. Thanks Devs!!!!
  2. August 2018 Recap

    It's an alpha...throw that thing out and let us test this...maybe all of u who defends that strategy dont know the meaning of alphas...look at the bigger projects like star citizen...that's an alpha...they throw it out and as an alpha tester u can search bugs?! u cant hide some new features and say its not perfect while u sell the game as an alpha version...and again: my problem here is not that the modding community was a bit faster...but they are way faster then the dev team and it just works amazing...there is no reason for me to hide that
  3. August 2018 Recap

    Still no helicopter...i mean, cmon guys, can't understand why this take so much time. Even the modding community is way(!!) faster than u and it works fine there? Where is the problem here? Adding new weapons or skins on a exsisting and good working engine cant take so much time or ressources that u are not able to work on helicopter...rly cant understand that !?
  4. July 2018 Recap

    still no helicopter...