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  1. Name: Fremdenlegionsverband Tag: [FLV] Web/Forum: https://www.Flv-Clan.com Teamspeak: flv-clan.com Discord: https://discord.gg/mABQXE8 Naming der Gameserver: +++ [FLV] Germany +++ @ flv-clan.com Server-Regeln:https://Flv-clan.com/regeln Sprache: Deutsch Beschreibung: Ursprünglich als Call of Duty - Clan gegründet, hat der Fremdenlegionsverband eine bewegte Geschichte hinter sich. Es werden und wurden Spiele wie Battlefield, Project Reality und World of Tanks gespielt. Zur Zeit befindet sich das Hauptaugenmerk allerdings auf dem Taktikshooter "Squad", welchen wir seit Release der ersten Alphaversion spielen. Seit dieser Zeit ist der [FLV] unter der Leitung von [FLV] Saharacamper stetig gewachsen. Aufgrund privater Umstände gab dieser Ende 2018 die Leitung ab und es etablierte sich eine neue Führungsstruktur aus erfahrenen Mitgliedern, welche den Clan seitdem leiten. Wir sind ein mittelgroßer Clan mit ca. 50 SquadspielerInnen, mit welchen wir auch in unregelmäßigen Abständen an kompetitiven Spielen wie der "CCFN", dem "SCC" oder der "SCL" teilnehmen. Unser Ziel ist es auch Neulingen einen guten Einstieg in das Spiel zu ermöglichen. Solltest Du also noch Anschluss suchen wende Dich einfach über TeamSpeak und/oder Discord an uns oder spreche uns direkt auf unserem Squad Server an :-)
  2. Servername: +++ [FLV] Germany +++ @ flv-clan.com Discord: https://discord.gg/mABQXE8 Teamspeak: flv-clan.com Homepage: https://www.flv-clan.com Admins: All FLV-Member. Rootadmins: Kalais, Firefigher, JustCleaning, sense These are the rules of the Fremdenlegionsverband and the serverrules. Any player who comes to our Community TeamSpeak 3 server or uses one of our servers agrees to the rules and must abide by them. Depending on the severity of the violation, each admin has the right to warn, kick or ban! The FLV reserves the right to make changes to the rules. General rules § 1 dealing with each other We do not tolerate insults, degradations, discrimination, defamation, racism and hostilities of any kind. The ability to deal with each other in a human way is assumed by us! § 2 Slander & insinuations Any kind of detractive comments and statements are prohibited. § 3 Illegal content Any theme or statement that is illegal or contains something illegal is not allowed. § 4 Minimum Age In order to join the FLV, 18 years must be completed. In special cases, the minimum age can also be exceeded. However, this must be confirmed by an admin of the FLV and the FLV reserves the right to refer these players back to the community without giving any reason. § 5 Absence Each member of the FLV must sign out if it cannot come online for more than 14 days in any form at an admin. Reasons do not need to be specified here. § 6 Data protection Personal data may not be passed on to third parties by the FLV or any other member/player without having obtained the permission of that person first. In this case, third parties are also other players and members of the FLV. Your in-game name and the steam ID will be registered with us as soon as you join the server. § 7 Streaming & Records Basically, it is allowed to stream and take pictures of sound and image tracks, but put it in your nickname (e.g. by means of a Twitchlinks) to make it recognizable. Since the voice and the spoken word are the property of the "creator", an agreement with each player and member must be made before the recording or the stream is started. If this is not the case and the person/persons do not want to to change the squad and/or the TeamSpeak channel, the stream/recording may not be started until all participants, in particular the passive parties, have agreed to the recording. In addition, a Streamdelay of at least 15 minutes must be set. § 8 Names Each player must have a neutral name. That means, the name does not refer to any extremism or historical events. In particular the German history. In addition, no name may be racist, offensive, vulgar or inappropriate in any other form. This also applies to abbreviations that clearly include the one listed here. In addition, the name must be pronouncebel or contain a pronouncebel part. Any illegal content in the name or name of illegal information is also prohibited. § 9 Admins In addition to the rules, you need to follow the instructions of the admins. This is particularly the case when one or more rules are broken or ignored. § 10 reference to applicable law in Germany In addition to the rules, the laws in force in Germany, in particular the "Grundgesetz" must be respected at all times. If this is not followed, the FLV reserves the right to forward individual violations to the law enforcement. Game-specific rules Squad and Post Script § 11 Seeding rules (squad) – The destruction of radios & HABs is forbidden. Other FOB items may be dug. – Only one fob is allowed per team. – Radio & Hab have to be built outside a 200 meter radius around the playable flag. – Seeding mode ends at 18 vs. 18 (or if an admin lengthens or shortens the seeding rules) § 12 Communication All squad leader must have a microphone and are obliged to communicate with the other Squadleadern. The squad leader can choose to open a squad in which only players with a microphone are allowed to play. Then, however, the abbreviation mic must be in the Squadname. § 13 Teamkills Any kind of teamkilling must be avoided. If, however, a team member is killed, it should at least be excused. If a player int. teamkiills, the player will immediately be removed from the server. Respawns can be run from the console and do not require a "teamkill". § 14 Vehicles Vehicles which do not exclusively include the function of troop transports may not be used as disposable vehicles. In addition, each BTR/striker/SPZ etc. must have at least one player who already has experience in handling such a vehicle. If this is not the case, the vehicle must not be played. Combat vehicles must be occupied by at least 2 persons. § 15 Objective Gameplay The objectives must be played. This means that you have to help your team to win the game. § 16 Squads Squads must not be closed. With two exceptions: – It is a special squad (e.g. mortar & combat Vehicle). – Clan is played internally and the group represents a complete squad. Squad leader are obligated to select the SL-roll and to keep the Squadlead. § 17 balancing In the sense of playing fun for both sides, all actions that are detrimental to the gameflow are to be refrained. This includes, in particular, the rushing of the first two flags. This may be a successful tactic in competitive matches, but heavily reduces the fun of playing in the publicgaming for the opposite side. We also want to offer beginners a positive gaming experience and therefore ask to refrain from such things. These rules have been created by sense, Snazzypantz, Kalais, Firefighter and Justcleaning (former for DSG) and are subject to copyright. The FLV reserves the right to make changes to the rules at any time.