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  1. Vehicles vs AT infantry in V12

    Players just dont know where to hit , 1 shot with a lat on any vic can disable it if you hit the right spot.
  2. Vehicle ticket count

    It did matter for sure in v11
  3. Vehicle ticket count

    To make the enemy team lose 50 Tickets you need to kill 5 APCs now, that will never happen in 15 minutes on big maps. until your MBT respawns. I think that right now Vehicles loses don't really matter as the ticket count is low and respawn timer is also low.
  4. Vehicle ticket count

    30 mil btr is 25 ticks in v11 , and replying with the saying that players will do nothing for 20 min waiting for vic i dought and cant base a game system of that .
  5. Vehicle ticket count

    I agree making the timer way higher would be a very good way to fix this problem +1 on that . APC 20 min , tank 25 should be good, it sounds a lot but remember on most maps the team has more then 2 vics . Did we get a response from the devs about this ?
  6. Vehicle ticket count

    Now thats replying to what i said with extreme, 100 t for a tank no hab no rally, I didnt say that. The game is a game but as i said lowering the ticket count this much will make teamplay worst in my opinion.
  7. Vehicle ticket count

    So why have them in the game ? Plus if and ifv think 20 kills is worth 4 deaths then he will make his team lose because he doesnt understend the game , whats wrong about that ?
  8. Vehicle ticket count

    I dont get that , tickets are part of the game , whats wrong about loosing 10 vics and loosing the game because of that, its a teambased game right? , if you put vehicles in the game then they should effect it . If this is a tactical teambased shooter then making it so its okey to just throw vics at the enemy not caring about anything trying to get as many kills as you can before you blow up shouldnt be the way to play it .
  9. In v12 the vehicle tickets were lowerd not by 5 or 10 by 15 in some cases. I think this a big mistake and not the tight way to deal with the problem of players blowing up vehicles all time. Vehicles are assets to be used cerfully and if not your team should feeling the cost of lossing that vic. The corrent ticket cost was good , making a tank woth 15 t is crazy in my mind making the games last way to long and players using them without care. I dont understend how they went from 25 t 30mil btr to 10 thats crazy. What are you thoughs, let me know .
  10. Enemy Vehicle Excitement?

    Tge only op part is russian hat the rest is great , there need to be a balnce so people can just drive into a cap and kill every one remember that , so 1 lat to the ass to kill seems fer, getting 1 shot from anywhere with a hat and dying is bullshit, when they put in componentes it should get better