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  1. Commander in every APC / IFV

    It should not be possible
  2. promoting teamplay

    + 2 love your IDEA , can we hear a dev reply on this or there is no chance ?
  3. promoting teamplay

    I agree why would you need k/d in a tactical shooter
  4. Dragging Players

    I am not a dev but from what I know when the game releases yes
  5. Commander in every APC / IFV

    I think it should be forced to at least 2 man AN APC, I getting sick of the servers having A rule but no one gives a shit. why not just implement so you cant move an APC without 2 man
  6. I think the game right now is allowing lone wolfing and bad teamplay to be played because of its mechanics, in my opinion the game should promote teamplay like resupplying a squad as an APC crew, or giving a squad a ride from A to B, right now as this thing may help the team win it does not have a direct impect on ones gameplay. in other words as a guy who is driving an mrap around, all he normally cares about is shooting enemy's and I dont really blame him, the game does not promote directly giving one supply's. we need some actual game mechanics in order for more players to better help their team and not just them self's. I have many more ideas on how to implement this what do you guys think, I am getting tired of seeing this game turning out to be played like battlefield by most players.
  7. Commander in every APC / IFV

    Nope 3 for sure mate
  8. Commander in every APC / IFV

    what about the striker ? and thanks didnt know that
  9. I think we should have a commander seat in all of this for better gamplay just like in the tanks coming up. What doyou guys think ?
  10. Lock & Unlock - GIVE UP, button :)

    I agree i made a topic on making the tickets be 2 or more when you give up. We need to find a salution to the problem.