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  1. [FR] = [R A F] = Immersion Tactique +

    Planting mines is not a problem at all, they are here to destroy vehicles. Point is to plant them at a descent range of the opponent mainbase to not be taken as a "baserape" Glad we could have exchange, see you on the battlefield
  2. [FR] = [R A F] = Immersion Tactique +

    Regarding rules those are written on the top left side of the screen, in the top middle of the screen in a big policy and in the chat log in the kit/spawn selection screen. It was upon you to check presence of rules or not. It is not upon active admin (which are active SL btw) to tells you about rules during the round. During stagging phase maybe, that could be discussable. However, "STFU" was not necessary and I apologize on behalf of my clanmates. I'd like to mention the fact that the clan is a French native speaking clan and a very few amount of us can easily speak/understand in English. Not to excuse swearing but to mention that something swearing might be easier than trying to discuss in a language you don't understand. For point 2: I'm rallying facts I've been told, I was not present that day. Spawnkilling outside of the main is not the purpose of this game and this is clearly not how we see the purpose of this game. This game is about coordination and communication upon killing a lot. Regarding drivers not taking attention on the roads, I agree they should have. No problem on the last part, was just saying.
  3. [FR] = [R A F] = Immersion Tactique +

    Hello TomReagan ! You were banned because of several points ! You hadn't follow our server rules that are clearly visible through your party. 1: You were planting mines right next to the exit of the enemy main base ! All the roads that leads outside the enemy main base were mined by you. you destroyed around 7 vehicles out of main among with many players. 2 : You were not communicating at ALL ! We request players to communicate with players, at least a bit. You were not ! 3 : Admin asked you to stop it and you clearly not have listen to admin. This is why it has leads to your ban, because you were spawnkilling outside of main, without communicating and not listening to admins. Also your gameplay had ruined the party leading our players to leave one by one the game. We lost half of the team because of your gameplay. Taking down FOBs, even those who were not hidden properly, is not a problem at all. Next time read server rules or get your own server where you can do whatever you want. Furthermore there are plenty of english speaking servers, dunno why you land into a french community !
  4. [FR] = [R A F] = Immersion Tactique +

    Hello DanielNL, Thank you to have played on our server. As you perfectly said it was a free weekend and it was strongly difficult for us to manage our server and to get basic rules followed. Furthermore if we had to do the police we would have had to kick more than the half of the server every game to have rules followed. For a free weekend with more than 60% of the player who wouldn't come back the week after it would have been a waste of time. Also, keep in mind that we have a life, a job, a family and we cannot be available 24/7, we are humans after all. So admins are online when they can. Moreover, when we are online we are here to play and have fun with our community. And not to spend 2-3-4 hours doing surveillance on players if they respect or not rules. Thus, it is holiday time in our country and we are under-staffed. However we do make rules respected and we always make sure that vehicles are not used as a taxi or by a one-man-crew. The only admin that was connected at this time didn't saw it, is it that bad ? I think not. On a normal period the player would have been warned/kicked. But my question is why creating a post for a small problem that had occured during a free weekend with tons of player that was discovering squad ? It is useless by my guess. If that was a reccuring problem (and it is not) I would have said that your post is legit, but it is not. I would love to see you solo-manage a server during a free weekend while teaching how-to play with new players while leading a squad. Thank you for your understanding and I hope we will see you again on our server
  5. Server timeout connections

    @Indo Do you still have the same issue ?
  6. Server timeout connections

    I've already posted 2 times on the discord ! Seems that people are talking about other thing than Squad server problems ..
  7. Hello Squad community ! Since V11 our clan servers randomly "crash" during games. Actually it doesn't crash but the server is getting frozen and all players are going back to main menu with a "Timeout connection lost". After that everybody can rejoin the server and the game continues where it has stopped. I was wondering if others add the same issue ? Also I'd like to know if since V11 is there is new ports to open as this issue didn't happened before V11. I was wondering if EAC has something to do about it maybe ? We really needs assistance on this topic as our community is important and we don't want to loose them ! Our server specs are : Intel i7-6700K (4c/8th) at 4 Ghz 64GB DDR4 2400MHz 480 GB SSD AntiDDos Game Firewall OS : Debian If you need more information I'll do my best to answer them Regards