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  1. Server timeout connections

    @Indo Do you still have the same issue ?
  2. Server timeout connections

    I've already posted 2 times on the discord ! Seems that people are talking about other thing than Squad server problems ..
  3. Hello Squad community ! Since V11 our clan servers randomly "crash" during games. Actually it doesn't crash but the server is getting frozen and all players are going back to main menu with a "Timeout connection lost". After that everybody can rejoin the server and the game continues where it has stopped. I was wondering if others add the same issue ? Also I'd like to know if since V11 is there is new ports to open as this issue didn't happened before V11. I was wondering if EAC has something to do about it maybe ? We really needs assistance on this topic as our community is important and we don't want to loose them ! Our server specs are : Intel i7-6700K (4c/8th) at 4 Ghz 64GB DDR4 2400MHz 480 GB SSD AntiDDos Game Firewall OS : Debian If you need more information I'll do my best to answer them Regards