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  1. MEPS

    So random question, anyways Im in my early 20s and I was joining the Navy, went to MEPS. I wear glasses, when I did my physical and the time came to the eye test which I feared I did everythign and it went smoothly I passed the depth perception also. So when the test came with that farmhouse and ballon shit it read my left eye fine and was easy but when it came to my right trouble started. They couldnt read it properly and i had trouble seeing even though im sure it due to the fact the lady would put the table lower no matter how many times I asked. they did 3 tries because they couldnt read my eye properly either so toward the end when i spoke to the doc he told me the cylinder didnt meet military regulations or something cant quiet remember but he said i will need an eye consult so i was kinda bummed i didnt finish it all that day. Bottom line is what is the eye consult? what should i expect? im just really nervous about it, ive heard some guys say its like every other eye doctore appointment but im still not sure can anyone help shed light on this.