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  1. [BVAR] British Veterans Arma Regiment

    If your up for some good squad work and fun mixed in then check BVAR out.
  2. Fokke's Battlepics - Highres

    Really nice pics mate,keep up the good work.
  3. BVAR welcomes Squad

    Cheers lads + again another top night sunday CCFN was .
  4. BVAR welcomes Squad

    We are still recruiting.
  5. February 2016 Recap

    Love the foliage, love the maps, love the game. :D
  6. Go to our Website and check us out We are a friendly European friendly multi-gaming community of players with different skill levels who play just for fun or at a competitive level, with members ages ranging from 18 to those who are slightly more 'experienced'!! We were formed in 2009 by a bunch of friends that had known each other for many years, in the thinking that a community should be run by the members, for the members, and this is what keeps us all together in the understanding that the members are the community. Team-AfterShocks are currently looking to build a good base of people who want to play this tactical and teamwork game together with a little fun on the way of course,we have already members with our community who have played Project Reality for many years but,that is not saying we still play PR and have not for at least 18 months. We can give you * A friendly mature community * An active professional website What we ask of YOU * Be at least 18 years or older * Have a workingHeadset/microphone for Teamspeak * Have no history of cheating/hacking * Be polite and respectful to other members * Fluent in English Games we play at the moment * Diablo III * Star Citizen (on release) * Battlefield Series * Minecraft * GTA V Many more PC games If you want to join, please go to our website and register on our forums. We dont ask for much, but we do ask a some minor things:
  7. BVAR welcomes Squad

    Looking forward to it :D
  8. Squad is about teamwork, not K/D

    The only thing i hear from my squad at the end of the round is how many times they died more than how many kills they did most of the time,meaning it can be used to show how efficient you and your squad are on reviving and covering the medics and so on.Depends because people will have there own perspective on things at the end of the round about K/D ,so i would not be bothered either way.
  9. Been shouted at is never going to get the best out of people in the game and especially with new players all walking on egg shells not just because of the enemy but from your SL but,that's not saying spacing between your squad members is not important either because it is and the more people play squad the more people come to understand this.I have notice more and more people are starting to do this by there self's to which when i SL i just tell them the basics on where we are going and in which direction, also keep medic's at the back and keep them informed on what other friendly squads are doing what on the map. Telling new people the basics is good but shouting is just going to get you nowhere.
  10. BVAR welcomes Squad

    Loved the community fight night last night gent's really was alot of fun.
  11. BVAR welcomes Squad

    There door is always open mate,i mean they even let me in :D
  12. For me its a no ,one of the skills of been a good medic is concentrating and having good communication with the rest of your squad and having a HUD will kill that in my opinion. For me i just:: - Tell my squad im there medic for the round so they know who to call and not just medic medic medic,which can get frustrating. - Recognize your team mates voices with there names - Check out your team mates classes, this will give you a better understand on where they could be on the map when been injured or killed - Stay at the back so you can see who is where and doing what - Tell your injured party to use local coms to try and get a better idea on there position on where they could be. And i am sure there are plenty of more great tips from other medics here,but remember practise makes perfect and there will still be times when your pulling hair out but just take deep breaths :D
  13. Request a hard copy of game on disc?

    You have to love the steam though bro. :)
  14. BVAR welcomes Squad

    Patience is the key mell with all these new guy's me thinks ,but the opening of squad has really taken ;)
  15. BVAR welcomes Squad

    It was good playing with you guy's last night on your virgin server ,we totally broke it in last night ;)

    Let the fun begin :lol:
  17. Kits, Roles, Limits and Steam launch

    Great news guy's :)
  18. October 2015

    Holy shit , really looking forward to what's coming up guy's.
  19. Closed Alpha Version 2 Announcement

    Great stuff guy's
  20. Any EU team "hiring"?

    Its just so wrong.
  21. Join server problem

    First of all i tried to join the UK server's were by they had up to 5 spaces on them and I couldn't get on ,was getting the button config screen come up then back to to the server browser ..cool no problem they (UK server) must be full again by the time i tried to join no worries ,so then i tried to join the frankfurt#3 seen as there was only one on there so why not start that server up right ? so i click on join with the botton config screen up and back to server browser again ? well after 10 minutes of trying to get onto any server it failed everytime , and then i realized had problems if this has become a common problem because the alpha stage is out now cool i can wait till its fixed but if not HELP
  22. Join server problem

    Thank you for your help buddy.
  23. =ShoX= Team-AfterShocks.com recruiting (EU)18+

    And we are open for recruiting.
  24. =ShoX= Team-AfterShocks.com recruiting (EU)18+

    We got access now peps
  25. No UK servers anymore

    uk2 server has been busy the last couple of nights now to be fair.