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    Name: Big Tiddy Clan Tag: [BT] Link: https://discord.gg/d77vfqU Language: English Description: all sorts of Squad players. Mostly casual but will do competitive if enough people want to. Members: ~25 We also play: Battlefield, EFT, R6 Siege, Etc.
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    We have Big Tiddies
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    INFORMATION & RULES We are the Big Tiddy Clan. Just some fellas trying to have fun! We are recruiting. Some of us might play competitive, but in no way is this a competitive clan. Big TIddies=Core Member Tiddies=Member Smol Tiddies=Recruit/Inactive Member 1. Be cool, no losers accepted. (Most Important) 2. Keep all conversations civil 3. We want Memers, not trolls 4. Be active in our Discord and come hang out if you are a member DISCORD https://discord.gg/tV3zbaJ MEMBERS Founder: Blue Co Founders: Goose Tezz La'Coil PuggytheWug Discord Moderators: SailorCupcake MagYEETo Arkoinius Big Tiddies: LooseMcGoose TheBosnian RayzZy The Iron Yote officialedward Priismax Tiddies: KatzenXD Oy Noes Exelexor Lieutenant Sam RavenHuginn laxdanglez Bread Attack Helicopter Demon Smol Tiddies: pixle CARz