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  1. Topographical Map Suggestion

    I just think that a topographical map would enable better planning if one could know the terrain in advance before getting there as high ground is always important but it is also important to know how to get there and if your position is being overlooked by somewhere else I just think that most maps can do it and it would be useful so why not.
  2. Movement Lines On Map

    Honestly, I think that lines would help improve the game massively because right now it is hard to ensure that everyone knows where they are going in the moist crucial opening moments of any game especially on maps where it is hard to navigate such as the desert maps
  3. Movement Lines On Map

    Now I know there have been a lot of threads posted about waypoints or more marker options for squad leaders or even for them to be available to the rest of the squad members but what I have in mind is a bit different what I want is for squad leaders to be able to draw lines on the map. Now, this would mostly be for the purpose of better coordination and organisation especially in the opening few minutes of the match to ensure everyone is on the right page as to where they are going as quite often the first few moments are the most crucial. However, I know the standard objections that this would be abused and who would see what exactly would it be all squads or just your own, I would have it that only the squad leader can draw it for their own squad (I mean they are trusted to act responsibly for other important core gameplay aspects such as spawning so why not this) and maybe a secondary feature in the same way you have squad chat and squad leader chat to be able to set different lines that all squad leaders could see and maybe have an option to change the colour of the lines so you know which line people are talking about. But honestly I would happy with just it being limited to a squad only feature as opposed to being squad and squad leaders, however, of course, it is up to the developers. And again, in the same way, offensive symbols drawn with these lines could be punished in the same way that other players can report others for toxic behaviour in the in-game chats, for example, using offensive language. Overall, I think this will be worth the time as it will greatly expand a squad leaders ability to communicate and organise with his squad members (and I don't know much if anything about game developing) and as these are just lines on the map that already include placable markers I would not think that this would require too much effort to implement this into the game, but I just hope that the idea is at the very least considered. Thank You For a brilliant game