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  1. Broadcast without admin name

    possible via rcon, Battlemetrics for example. Use the broadcast feature and leave the "Name" field empty, that will result in an anonymous broadcast.
  2. [PA] Project Awesome

    [PA] Project Awesome Server location: UK Project Awesome is a casual community for friendly, mature gamers of all skill levels and play styles who want to meet, hang out and play games in a positive environment. Toxicity and unfriendliness in gaming aren’t fun for a lot of people. PA is a community for anybody looking to escape that all too common mentality. We take pride in being noob friendly and open to anybody who wants to play games, and have fun. We don’t take ourselves seriously enough to call ourselves a clan and we won’t moderate our servers in an attempt at ensuring everybody plays the game the way we think is right. Every SL makes their own decisions and making a bad one is not against the rules. All we ask is that you communicate with your team, try to work together and put forth an effort to win. For questions, problems, player reports, ban appeals or if you just want to hang out, visit our Discord: https://discord.gg/AHYnqZN Our Teamspeak server can be found at: projectawesome.net Server rules: Be friendly, stay calm, help new people, have fun. All crewman requiring vehicles have to be 2 manned. Do not teamkill or intentionally wound a friendly player. Mistakes happen. If it was an accident, then immediately apologize in all chat. We have zero tolerance for racism, griefing or confrontation. As such those are strongly prohibited on our servers. No locked 1 man squads (except logistics). Do not open a squad in the beginning of the round if you do not intend to lead it. All SLs must speak English. Special seeding rules apply when the server is less than 20v20: Only fight over the middle objective(s). Do not hunt for enemy FOBs (during seeding). If the enemy has their spawn build directly on the middle objective you are of course free to take it down. Do not go out of your way to disable enemy spawn points outside of the center. This is to ensure everybody can have a nice fight while we wait for the server to fill up.