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    Regarding Snipers, I think a few things that would make this a more realistic and useful role would be the following: - Sniper Squad (Two man group) - No Rallies - Group would be Sniper and Spotter - Spotter has the rangefinder - Able to dig in and make a sniper nest for concealment - If possible add a simple wind to the map (east to west or vice versa) and then have a simple tool for spotter to tell the adjustments - Able to request airstrikes with priority straight to commander - Able to show enemy movement on the map like an SL or even a little more advanced. - Bolt action rifles - Possibly a .50 cal for lighter vehicle stoppage. Side note, instead of making the ranking system all about showing how many you killed or whatever stats might push the rank higher, perhaps the ranking system will give access to higher roles and give an incentive to work as a team. Could even have "qualifiers" on Jensen's for certain roles, for example, sniper has to call in airstrike toward a certain spot with certain precision, take X meter long shots, set up ambushes proficiently, show pistol skills, etc. Same could be done for general infantry, tankers, pilots and commanders. You're simply not allowed to use a tank until you're a certain rank and has cleared a tank course. Maybe too much, but people want a ranking system, perhaps this way we can get people in the "right position" and still get the beloved ranking system... My two cents, tata Sawdy Tanker at heart