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  1. New Revive ability

    The only thing i would suggest in changing the medic is allowing him to use the downed soldiers bandage to stop bleeding instead of resorting to his own bandage first. That is first aid SOP.
  2. TOW System Tracking gates

    I would also advocate for many upgraded counter measures in addition. Obviously this is as the game progresses. Vehicle tech is updated/ if updated. Automated reactionary IR smoke if an advance vehicle is locked. And always balance can be achieved by build points and ticket cost along with updated gear for all sides. Also, the tow is not very effective in real life against people because it does not produce any real shrapnel. So unless a person is hit with the actual projectile it should not kill them. And another factor is, often people inside of vehicles that are hit can often be relatively unharmed, there are many video occurrences where a vehicle is hit and people all survive and scramble from the vehicle. So maybe make it only cause debilitating vehicle damage and not kill everyone inside. So lower the lethality of the TOW but upgrade the Technical capabilities (at pace with other equipment) This is video of a truck hit by a tow.
  3. TOW System Tracking gates

    Well Russian Armored vehicles have ability to detect any item that Laser ranges it and will automatically turn towards the target.
  4. TOW System Tracking gates

    Can tracking gates be added to the TOW that would lock onto vehicles, as the real TOW function? Also, thermal on the TOW. I understand if people says "the tow works just fine. This is a question/ suggestion to make the system function more like it does in real life. I could also give a lot of input since i was a TOW gunner and SME for 6 years in a cav unit.
  5. I set my aim sight to 300M to avoid this problem. As i would with a rifle in the military. If you set your zero to 50M or 100m you will have significant bullet drop. This works perfectly for me as it does in real life. Also, Military sights do zero for 300M But still have adjustable ranges down to 200m. If you shoot a rifle that is zeroed for 300M accuracy but the set your optic range to 50, you are looking at at least a 12" drop.
  6. There are actually three fuse settings on modern rounds, proximity, impact and delay. Prox detonates 20-100m before impact. Impact is impact. Delay detonates am 81 and 81mm Mortar round penetrates roughly 2 feet of bunker style material before detonating on delay. So i think any top level floor would be free game depending.
  7. Range Estimation on the map.

    I just discovered squadcalc.com, Is this kosher to use... AKA are you an asshole if you do? Are the complications of using this in-game as a feature to problematic?
  8. In game Map improvement(?)

    Out of curiosity, what makes the grid lines difficult. Military standard is 1000m grid squares, Measuring devices are in 50, 100, and 1000m Increments. I'm not judging i am simply curios what led to the 33m system currently being used.
  9. Grenade Usage

    Yes, it is a thing. But the military doesn't use it, especially in a regular line unit.
  10. Range Estimation on the map.

    Scout camera? Are you referring to the LRAS?
  11. Range Estimation on the map.

    Using the 3x1 is not a very accurate way to estimate for a 1000m mortar strike. I doubt adding a feature to measure distances as an individual would break the game. And for the sake of realism, everyone in my squad had a military compass which has tick marks for 1000m (every tick mark represents 100m) This would allow for members to carry out orders such as mortar strikes without having the squad leader have to estimate ranges and move markers just so you can range a mortar target. Typically a mortar strike in real life works without GPS aiding aiming. Is a mortar team would receive a grid marker from a forward observer, the mortar squad would then straight line measure for distance using a compass or protractor, adjust for elevation differences. And fire one round, for target reference, and walk the rounds in and fire for effect. I see what you are saying about just estimating, and i get it, i can do it too. But that is not a reason to not improve the game in a realistic and effective way.
  12. Range Estimation on the map.

    Ahh, I have not played squad leader at all, so I was unaware they had tools to help, and they have never used it. I currently use the grid square method.
  13. Range Estimation on the map.

    Allow a line drag feature or the ability to rotate the map to get an accurate range on map using the range markers on the lower right portion map. Or a double click on a point and it gives you a range estimation within a 50m or 100m accuracy. I would not recommend giving an exact range for realism.
  14. Grenade Usage

    I dont have a problem with it, but that doesn't mean that more effective options cannot be available.
  15. Grenade Usage

    Not quite. But it isn't common practice to stand in front of a door to throw a grenade into it.