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  1. Petition to Limit Server Licences

    @Zylfrax791 I think you are making an assumption here. I'd argue the exact opposite is the case. While I cannot say I have experienced childish behaviour the way you describe it a lot I can report I have experienced lots of simple game rule breaking which no one seemed to care about when no admin was present. May it be a missing link, missing core mechanic features, game design flaws or an administrative issue. Who knows?! Something is at fault and it must be solved! After all making games is a high risk business and you may have the best game designers in the world and still fail. Sometimes it's just forever beyonds anybody's understanding why a title failed at the end. However the essence of this thread is to raise voices and point out an issue that's more than likely to be one of those reasons why concurrent player counts haven't gone up. You were making a point earlier in which you completely deny ANY need for admins on gameservers and this just ain't true. They are part of the problem. Can it be solved with new mechanics to support teamplay even more? Probably. Will the community be dead by than? Maybe. People here point this out NOW so we do not go silently into that good night of empty servers. I appreciate the discussion though.
  2. Petition to Limit Server Licences

    Yes, I think to some degree they should. I am not saying it is 100% possible. After all those are people sacrificing their free time while pretty much asking nothing in return. It's pure dedication on their side and should be respected. But they are also making a commitment here when agreeing to the terms of service of OWI's server policy - Now this is exactly the point. We have communites hosting way more servers than they offer admins to deal with them - Or in short: Do not freaking host more servers than you can monitor! Still, on OWI's side there should be a system in place which doesn't just limit licences to the number of active admins but also watches their actual ingame time. We had someone earlier suggest some kind of algorythm that makes sure that an avarage involvement time during peak times or euqal to a certain player count is met. Server Owner and communites are in fact responsible for their servers. If they fail to do so, they have to deal with the consequences. The only one who has to deal with it right now is the more non casual and hardcore dedicated playerbase that wants to get immersed and make the most out of every round with the tools that are being given to them. And like I already pointed out in my first post in this thread - I honestly feel for the future of this franchise where new players either support a toxic culture or are immidiatley turned down by it in their first couple hours of play time. Server admins have a responsibility when it comes to keeping the community alive and together. I doubt most of them are even aware of this fact. As far as this issue goes. Cyber mobbing and false witch hunting of players could get supported by this feature. I am just making an assumption here so who knows. But Yes, vote options for the server as a whole should be an option as well as map voting and game mode voting in my point of view.
  3. Petition to Limit Server Licences

    I disagree. As complex as a game as Squad and it's mechanics are there will always be a need for "helicopter parenting" by admins on servers. The game relies heavily(!) on team play and quote: "[...]organized tactical multi-squad planning" (OWI). Even the license application terms say that the admins are to make sure that no players harm the gameflow and the intigrity of the gameplay as a whole. While the game itself has made progress regarding the implementation of restrictions that limit the players to take certain actions that would harm the team on a grand scale we are far from having achieved a standard if that is even possible. The very soul of Squad and also it's predecessor Project Reality was the aspect to have as much freedom in making descisions as you possibly could (which is exactly how it should be unlike PostScriptum). That however has the complete opposite effect on team play mechanics as there will always be new players not wanting to read rules or players in general disturbing the flow of any round to a point where it's actually game breaking and no matter how much work the team puts in the game will be unable to reward any actions they take. While you could argue that of course the better team wins and pre planning and communication is everything I'd still say that there are so many special cases when it comes to human failure and in many cases toxic behaviour or trolling that YES of course active admins on game servers are very much needed in order to sustain a player base.
  4. Should the game be free on STEAM?

    I agree. While the long wait for new features to get implemented I think too many people are too hard on the devs regarding the actual work load. The monthly recap showed just how much is being done to not just deliver new content but also to balance and optimize existing assets. In my opinion when it comes to "getting people to stick around and actually play" that is heavily dependent on the way servers with official licences are being administrated right now. There seems to be either a toxic culture that is not "newbie" friendly and a state of mind where admins either aren't present enough to actually enforce the server rules or just don't care enough. There is also a thread regarding this topic which I wish had more feedback regarding this topic. You can find it HERE in the forum for further talk.
  5. Petition to Limit Server Licences

    I think the OP has a very valid point which may not be overheard. From my experience I can say that the administrative quality of the communities hosting more than two server licences is usually more than awful if not non existend. This has gotten worse since 2018 and this needs to be checked by offworld industries! The poor managing of licensed servers in Squad has come to a point where new players get scared and quickly abandon the game due to a toxic ammount of players that could be handled if the admins of those high pop servers cared more. I fear for the meta and the future of this franchise in the long run if no actions are being taken!