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  1. July 2018 Recap

    Am I the only one that vastly prefers the current UI over the one shown here? One thing I love about the current one is how simple it is. There's no fuss, you can see the map, your squad, and roles (and everything in them) all on one screen. This new version looks over-complicated for what it needs to be. Messing with drop-downs and different tabs rather than just one click and done to change roles seems like a step backwards to me. Rest of the recap looks awesome though! Very excited for the new map!
  2. Can we have more weapon variety for rifleman?

    Personally I am mostly happy with where the game is in terms of weapon choices for each team. It would not be very realistic for a single force to have an array of different primary weapons, considering the theme of these forces is conventional military. That said, I wouldn't mind seeing some of the other rifles that are indeed standard issue gear worked into the loadouts...for example, for the US forces, possibly replacing the scoped rifleman with a M16A4 + Acog rather than the M4. In a perfect world something I'd like is for each team to have the marksman class moved out of the fire support roles as one of them is on the British (Although I would remove its bipod and keep it limited to one per squad) then add in a fire support role of an actual "Sniper" like it was in PR. Maybe have it like the Heavy-AT where there is only one, maybe two for the entire team. But it would be a proper bolt gun with bipods. Something to give the edge to that class versus the marksman to make up for its slower fire rate. To me this wouldn't be totally unreasonable. I spent some time in a STA platoon, and it was common practice for the snipers to bring along their bolt-guns if the situation allowed.