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  1. I would consider gore as an option if it is part of the game's mechanic. Gore should be implemented as an indicator where the infantry is certified dead and cannot be revived. This should be applied to players who got hit by vehicle main weapon. The other scenario that I would consider as certified death is got blown up inside vehicles. Head-shots and overkills on injured bodies are hard to justify for certain death in my opinion. Allowing these reasons may change the medic mechanics significantly.
  2. In the training missions, I am testing out the loading and unloading mechanism of a logi. Top bar has indicated the material and ammo are loaded but it was not shown in the lower right corner bar. Please investigate.
  3. In the matter of fall damage

    Then, why should the dev support lifting oneself over some mud wall and give you a fall damage after leaping?
  4. Stat tracking

    You sure about that? A defeat is usually a group responsibility among all squads. This will further discourage players from playing SL if they are unlikely to win the round...
  5. I have the same problem before. My solution is buying a external USB sound control and plug in the mic and headphone via the device. It solved the problem. This is the external sound card that I bought https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CSL-USB-mini-sound-card-external-Virtual-Surround-Sound-for-computer-no/142937354017?hash=item2147baef21:g:3~wAAOSwOuBbmq9h
  6. Stat tracking

    There is only one stat that I would like to see. Play time as different role. I would like to know which player is experienced in any specific task and assign specific task for them. On another hand, if the player would like to learn another role, I can send someone with more experience to mentor him in game.
  7. There is only one thing I can't tolerate if someone is playing SL. It is not having a mic. If you can't communicate with anyone via voice, SL is not an option for you. For everything else, you can learn it out through playing more.
  8. Excited for v15

    Before reaching V15, I would hope the devs start addressing the balancing issues in current version. Tweaking the area control mode should be higher up in the priority before every server are skipping the map like the Vietnam map in PR...
  9. In the matter of area control game mode

    Good thought in resizing the area. However, that will mean all the maps will need to be tailor fitted with varying hex sizes. It will be resource draining for the dev and I would say a general increment of hex size would be sufficient for a quick fix. What do you think?
  10. In the matter of fall damage

    Well, this escalated quickly overnight. May I know what exactly do you want the game to do. Do you prefer preserving the current mechanics or what kind of changes do you propose? I don't see any suggestion from the previous post beside disapproval on my proposal. I would be interested to know what exactly do you want SQUAD to do with falling from medium height.
  11. I find this experimental game mode bring in new thought on tactics and fresh ideas into the game. The level of SL coordination are getting significantly more important. In my opinion, this is an advanced game mode for experienced players / clan only at the moment. The necessity of having a commander playing in the map mode to coordinate the squads are getting even more important. I have seen flanking Squad manage to cut off the map for a total victory and a coordinate line advance can crush the front line resistance. On another hand, I have also seen a team with independent SL doing their own capturing and being teared apart. In general, this game mode is more prone to a one sided battle than any other modes. Coordination bares a much stronger multiplier in this mode. I think reducing the difficult for SLs in this mode would be a good idea. I would propose that radio cannot be place at X meters away from the capture zones. This limited the number of possible enemy entry point and limit the player to fight along the front line. Another quick fix can be increasing the size of the hex and increasing the capture-able area. I wish these 2 changes can help the squad to have better grasp on the battlefield situation and have a front line combat that is intended by the developers. I personally like the area control mode more than any other modes as it is closest to an organised invasion operation of an army, but I do hear lots of players hating this mode to their guts. What's you opinion on the mode and do you think if any changes can be made?
  12. In the matter of rally point

    That in fact is a very good point for replacing the FOB by occupying a truck and play the caravan game. I will definitely try out this tactic an see if any problem arise. However, I don't agree this is the intended way to play the game nor the direction that the game should head towards.
  13. In the matter of fall damage

    That will be a quick fix. I would still stand for a post drop delay instead of taking damage as it is rather difficult to estimate at what height (within the range of one storey building) will the damage begin. I would totally support a damage, drop delay and bandage for anyone foolish enough to jump off the roof of a 2 stories building.
  14. In the matter of rally point

    Making rally consuming materials is an interesting thought. That may actually solve the spamming problem and encourage a Squad to have more riflemen. I think rally points should take damage damage from regular bullets instead of C4. This make rally a weaker than a radio to show their temporary status.
  15. In the matter of fall damage

    What about giving the matter a different perspective? In real life, if you need to make the jump, you would grab onto the edge of the wall with your hand and suspend your entire body before you are making the drop. That way, you are reducing the drop height from 2.5m to 1m. The 1.5 meter includes your body height from toe to shoulder of 1.3m and a 0.2m of you fully extended arm. Since the game cannot provide that level of detail without introducing a magnet mechanics at every building edges similar to assassin creed. Don't you think my proposal can be an alternative with the movement delay considered?