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  1. Does anyone experience a 20ish (from 60s to 40s) FPS drop when one is playing the gunner or commander role? I have experienced such problem especially when the vehicle is moving. Will tuning down the setting helpful?
  2. Boot up time

    Arr, thanks. I am using a HDD drive right now because I can't afford an SSD.
  3. Boot up time

    Does anyone experience a significantly long boot up time in SQUAD. It is taking me around 5 minutes to just getting the game start to the main manual.
  4. Medic progression in Squad

    The medic problem that arise in here seem to be a combined problem with spawning system and the combat efficiency of the role. As a player from PR, the role of medic in SQUAD is rather similar. When you are playing it, you are unlikely to engage in direct firefight against but a more support role on saving your squad members. I find it is a reasonable balancing feature for the role as pew-pew-ing is definitely not the sole purpose in SQUAD. With an RPG game example, one won't expect cleric to make the most kill in the game but expect one to perform healing and buffing for the team. I do agree with the binocular change in the game because medic should not be a scout as sniper can pick them out easily. However, the smoke grenade reduction was less agreeable. IMO 4 smoke rounds are the sensible number compare with the current 2 in this version. blocking enemy sightline is crucial for tactical movement for the team and healing in hot zone. Regarding to the respawning better than reviving mind set. It is a concept that require more consideration beside game time. Regardless on how short the walking distance to the front line is, a reinforcement train will draw enemy attention and expose the entire team to flanking attacks. This is especially true if you are playing behind enemy line. Rally point spawn limitation is another factor that player should consider as well. The 50m rule will bite if the entire squad are spawning instead of waiting for the medic. To keep the argument short, having medics and waiting for medics in game can prolong a section's fire fight time and increase its combat radius from a FAB or Rally point, which is essential in the game. An extra minute that one can tie down and enemy section is an extra minute for you mate to build an emplacement, cap a point or reach the frontline. The idea of 1 spawn is nothing significant is definitely false. The number stagnate in an average 2 hour game play session. A few assumption can be made in here. A medic carry 6 bandages in game and one rarely use them up before death. Let take an average that a medic can use 3 bandages before death. In a regular session where both team are balanced, an infantry player get killed around 8 time per game in the stat manual and a 66% confirm kill ratio. It means that if you are giving up every time, you will get killed by an average of 11 time per game. If you multiply the extra 3 death to all players, it will be an extra 90 tickets wasted, which is almost 1/5 of the total point! This is hard stats that the loss in position, capture point and loss in intel not being factored in. Please respect the medic role in the game and give credit to their contribution
  5. I think we need more potential enemies with BTRs and T72s. MEC and China in PR are great examples. Fighting Taliban is getting a little boring. May be bringing in some cold war factions will be another options too. Czech and DDR are 2 good options too make. Vehicle model can be found in wargame RTS series and weapons are not that hard to encounter.
  6. June 2018 Recap

    Any toilet air vent to sneak down in the Tallil Outskirts map
  7. June 2018 Recap

    As a former PR player, we had been exploiting the infantry ammo supply mechanics in front of supply crate as a standard practice. When we change class, an ammo pouch was generated with the infantry. By repeating the class changing procedure, one can generate unlimited amount of ammo. How is squad going to prevent such exploit with the almost identical mechanism?