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  1. Please fix the f**n CTD issues

    Crash to desktop
  2. OWI please see my prayer, please give me back up sights
  3. Buddy Really! REMOVED!! 1.8

    You can join karmakraut's one life event for that.
  4. The current system requires the server to set up rules and admin to kick or even ban players from soloing tanks and APC. I believe the devs can spend a few line of codes to solve the problem. From PR experience, warming up a turret is a thing and the time delay discourage 99% of the players from soloing. Although the concept is unrealistic, it is better than the current self regulating system. What's your thought?
  5. What's next?

    If I can remember in PR, that atgm only have 1 shot and takes 4 - 5 rifleman ammo pouch to reload. It does the job, but it is an supply demanding item. The entire team of 50 can only have 1 person playing that role as well...
  6. Buddy Really! REMOVED!! 1.8

    Thank god the buddy rally system is finally gone! I can actually see players wanting FoB in the front once again.
  7. Avoid SAM and TLR servers

    Quite a regular player playing squad leader in TLR server. I DO kick players in my squad and here are the reasons. 1. Player being unresponsive with mic check. This is usually done at the beginning of a round where new squads are formed. If you can't respond to instruction via virbal means, you can't call for contacts nor replying instruction. There is no way to coordinate with SL and squadmates via typing, which mean YOU are the liability to the squad. 2. Player do not follow spawn instruction This is less destructive but still bring SLs headaches. Striking windows are usually narrow and require a full effort from the entire squad. When YOU are playing your own game, which means the squad is 1 man under. If you are medic or AT, you deprive the squad's capability even more. 3. Player that argue with the SL on everything If you think your SL is running the squad to the ground, you can leave the squad and form a new one. You can bring those in your squad and agree with you too. Don't get yourself into an argument with a stonehead SL. Be the SL that you think you should do. 4. Player who refuse to retreat or disengage Similar reason to 2. If you refuse to follow your squad, YOU will be left behind. If you go rage about it, you will be kick. Just that simple. 5. Player with low trigger discipline. A successful attack to enemy HAB or point dependent on the element of surprise. You shoot the enemy and the whole world know YOUR squad is here and the move is blown by YOU. I have taken players who is in 14 and players who has no experience in squad. It is your discipline that will keep you in or out of the squad. If you want to play your own game, you take the consequences.
  8. Some New Nations Idea

    Look at the grand example in wargame Red Dragon and there are plenty to choose from for Redfor. E.g. China, Finland, North Korea, Yugoslavia, etc
  9. Auto-sprint

    I don't mind putting it in. That will teach the player very quickly that aiming is impossible after running a marathon.
  10. A better armor and Gear system

    Secondary sight is available in PR to solve the problem, I don't know what it takes to implement it to SQUAD...
  11. Vehicles

    Quote me for it, "This game requires 120IQ to extract fun out of it. How many players have that?"
  12. I am seeing more and more players with no mic and relying on typing to communicate with their squad mates and squad leaders. Please understand that this method of communication is ineffective and unreliable. As a SL, I don't have the luxury to read the squad chat. If you got kicked beacuse you don't have a mic, friendly firing your exsquadmates would be unwise and will get you kicked from the server. Any experienced play would have a better idea on how to deal with these players. Please advise...
  13. Struggle? What struggle? It has already chosen its path. Just not the one that I like...
  14. AS a squad leader, I don't give a damn on your age. It is the discipline that matters. If you refuse to follow my order, I will have you kicked.
  15. A15 Survey Review

    Guys who love PR. Despair not, Athena mod is coming!