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  1. Struggling with target acquisition.

    I'm in the same boat for being unable to see enemies. I can't see enemies shooting at me half the time.
  2. How do you automatic-rifleman/machine-gunner?

    I find that makes me easy to spot and killed by a marksman where I never see tracers, smoke, or muzzle flash. My tracers make it super easy to find me and people don't care about being suppressed because suppression does nothing in this game.
  3. Squad has become too "gamey" and meta.

    IMO, they should remove hud marking entirely and all fireteam leader marking. Only the squad leader should be giving fireteams attack markers, etc.
  4. Squad has become too "gamey" and meta.

    I agree, the whole game and community feels incredibly gamey and meta, I thought it was supposed to be a milsim. I don't think it's vehicles alone that's the problem. Die on purpose to move around the map faster because objectives Get fireteam leader just to mark things and not actually command a fireteam Direct chat to squad leaders because devs haven't made a proper split-ear radio system People rush to the same key points in a map to win games SLs use markers to label contacts and directions Everyone relies on markers on map or hud
  5. Aiming sucks in this game

    I don't see an issue with aiming.
  6. Whenever I see the commander talk in voice chat, it doesn't show their squad number where it gets confusing when comparing between map and comms since map only shows squad numbers. Can the commander can have his squad number overlaying the commander icon when he voice chats?
  7. Mic not working?

    Trying make it your default communication device and your default audio device for input.
  8. How do you automatic-rifleman/machine-gunner? I find when I prone I can't see through grass and there are no places where I can elevate my gun for deploying my bipod higher than grass. This is especially so for open maps or maps with a lot of foliage and when attacking. I find I end up dying a lot. Also, a lot of these guns are iron sight and it's too hard to see far enough. Even using binocs in combination I don't see the dots of people on iron sight.
  9. This, I don't like having my PC's resources eaten up while I wait to join a server.
  10. Allow FTL to mark with radial menu

    I also found it odd that it's very round about. Though I don't think FTLs should be used for marking, they should be leading fire teams. I don't know if they already have loadouts specialized for fireteam leaders.
  11. Limit squad size w/o locking it

    This would be useful for command squads.
  12. Overhauling the infantry kit build.

    I don't think AT should have binocs, though it would be nice. Usually squad lead, fireteam leaders, marksman, or rifleman should tell you the range.
  13. The old bug is still prevalent where your radio gets stuck on sometimes. I think this is a far more common occurrence if you set your mouse thumb buttons to radio chat. Can this please get fixed? Maybe this has something to do with interacting with UI while using the radio like bringing up your map or deployment menu?
  14. When the hell are we getting this super simple feature? It was a staple feature for the ACE Radio mod in the ARMA series. Come on
  15. If you leave the logi truck at the FOB, what happens when the FOB is gone? The enemies can hold the logi truck hostage. I had a game last night where we had no logi trucks because of that.