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  1. Future plan of expanding team size?

    12 squad will much more hard to manage......
  2. It is a good question. Actually, in a video website called bilibili (bilibili.com) the most watched squad video has played about 1,000,000 times (https: //www.bilibili.com/video/av15025051?from=search&seid=13753002121982037953) but i dont actually figure out what it want to express...... The other video played 500,000 times called ‘Feel about US ARMY M249, crazy roaring to suppress enemy on the top of the hill’ Chinese squad players have many communities like saga owls sunshine(pr)and some new communities like 101,ksk etc. We have big number of players because there are so many people .So if one in 100,000 people played squad there are 4000 players in China.And we assume that there 1/10 are always online , so thare at lest 5 server to hold those players. China always be a good market in any field,not only just a game.We have people so we have possible to make any thing happened. These years ,a lot of players become a ligitimate game supporter so there are a lot of players used steam to buy game rather than download a copy. So if any of company(besides game companies) in Europe or USA would pay attention to how to get in Chinese Market ,they will gain a lot
  3. What position do you play the most? Why?

    No AT guy?AT is exactly what you need when you come across with enemy APC. Once I be a SL and with another squad about 14 guys together encounter with a 30mm APC,we don`t have any AT man so we fked.More or less ,light AT is necessary which at least can make enemy APC scare, and he will draw back. If you were a SL, you`d better let the marksman in your squad take AT kit.A experienced Automatic rifleman is also important.In PR, I would like to play Breacher .You can take you squad to many special place:).(wish it will be available in B test)
  4. 50 vs 50 servers ?

    I supposed Post Scriputm should support 60 vs 60 or more.50vs50 in squad seems fine in Squad.
  5. Actually a China vs Japan will be a good background.Or North Korea vs. South Korea. A historical map will also be excited.