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  1. Mahlzeit, ich habe vor einigen Monaten damit begonnen, eine eigene Community rund ums Gaming aufzubauen. Ich arbeite seit über 10 Jahren in der Gamingbranche (auch international) und vermisse seit einigen Jahren eine Bleibe für Spieler, die das ganze eSport- und Competitive-Gedöns nicht (mehr) interessiert. well.gg ist international, hat aber bereits eine solide Basis deutscher Spieler. Quasi jeden Abend füllen wir mindestens ein Squad in Squad und rocken damit auf unseren eigenen zwei (lizensierten) oder anderen Servern. Auch gespielt wird Post Scriptum. Weiterhin haben wir einen ARK Cluster und einen ECO Server. Tagsüber wird man kaum jemanden antreffen, weil alle Leute in der Community dem Arbeitsleben nachgehen. Idealerweise schaut ihr also Abends ab 20 Uhr bei uns vorbei - wir freuen uns drauf! http://www.well.gg TS: ts.well.gg Discord: http://discord.well.gg Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/itswellgg
  2. I absolutely understand the point @sizeof(void) and agree. Maybe I understood it slightly different than it was meant. I agree that licensing needs to be "reformed", but not for the reason that someone is doubting that you and your team can handle X servers. Speaking of "reforming", I would fear that the checks put in place would be just too much hassle for most people. We have 3 sides here: OWI Hosting admins Players One of them will have more work if you want to make licensing and everything that comes with it a better environment. OWI could just be on servers more or put other checks in to see whether Admins are available, i.e. make reporting "bad" admins (nonspresence, etc.) much much easier. That's more work for OWI. If OWI puts in more things that admins have to do, then it's on the admins. I think right now monitoring a subforum and a discord (and maybe answering to accusations) is enough, since most communities have servers for more games than Squad. It's not like communities have an abundance of good and trustworthy admins. Another thing possible is that OWI is implementing easier access to reports & tools to report "bad" servers (no admins, reporting process too complex, no feedback on reports, etc.), would be more "work" for players but that looks like the best way.
  3. I think you should, yeah. If you operate within the guidelines (upholding server quality), why not?
  4. TL;DR: A licensed squad server can't be the solution nor the way to grow your gaming community. I don't think that server queues are the problem. I don't see people lining up on servers that have more than 15-20 people in the queue, because it just takes too long. At that point, they will start looking for new servers. And these servers must be ready then. They must have some players playing it. Creating a community doesn't start with your dedicated server. It can, but that's the lucky straw you have when it happens. The ordinary way is that you build a community through interaction. You meet up regularly, play together and continuously find new players that like your teams playstyle and can identify with it. Eventually, you want to host your own games and that's when random players might find you. Your server has a specific setting, name, whatever, that appeals to others browsing the server list. And since you already have a few people, you just have to be on your server. Yes, it's boring at times and maybe you can't play the game it's supposed to be played all the time. But presence is upmost important. If you want to go the commercial way, like "Ok, we have 5 servers and tons of community members" then you need to spend some serious money: Facebook ads for your community group, servers need to be in place and you need a decent branding. I don't think it concerns us how many admins another community has. When they have 6 servers and no one complains, then it seems to work and they're probably working within their capacity. If you think that some server owners aren't following OWIs guidelines for community hosted servers, then go proof-hunting (screenshots, videos, etc.) and submit them in the appropriate forum. If OWI is following those report properly, I'm sure that there will be consequences. And that way, players will redistribute to other servers. Which doesn't mean that I don't understand what you're saying. I started playing Squad alone and when I played as a SL more and more people added me on Steam. Within a week I roughly had 30 people around me who all liked the way I am leading as a SL. Eventually some of them wanted to try SL and I tagged along with them to help and guide them. We're about to host our own server now, since we experienced numerous bad situations on servers where the admins just didn't respond or where the reporting process if overcomplicated, resulting in people not reporting because it just takes too much time. Like, I just wanna report a trolling player mate, not filing my taxes. Yet, there's always a very thin line between overcomplicating a report process and kicking/banning players without enough evidence. But the solution can't be to limit the people who get licenses. It must be a good and fair reporting process for servers who are repeatedly failing to uphold the community server guidelines.