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  1. Close air support

    Hello Squad devs and my fellow players, So to get straight to the topic, ive recently been thinking about possibility of bringing close air support to Squad, kind of like how the platoon commander in Post Scriptum can call in air support. However, the idea i'm proposing is that first off, squad implements Post Scriptum's different squad types (infantry, logistics, armor) in a way that will smoothly adapt to the current game. Second off and finally, i'd propose a squad type that solely deals with close Air Support roles and that only consists of 4 member. Maybe name it JTAC because that's literally all its dealing with. Within the squad, you'd have possibly one TACP specialist, a radioman that the TCAP has to rely on, a medic, and one regular ol' infantry. On the equipment side of things, the TCAP could have limited ammo, bino's, and a laser designator. The radioman could have the same loadout as a general infantry, but with bino's and the radio. With that, the TCAP would have to be within like 5 meters of the radioman to call in the strikes, and the strikes could not be spammed (waiting times). This is all just a suggestion however, but i think you guys might like the idea. Anyways, remember fellas, it do be like that.