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  1. Female soldier models

    Ahaha SDF is just a watered down name to not piss the Turks off. It's the Kurdish YPJ and Kurdish PKK with the female fighters on the frontlines in the Middle East. The only way I would support women being implented into the game is through making a Kurdish faction and thus including them, the Kurdish YPG/YPJ/PKK/Peshmerga are the only ones in the Middle East who genuinely use women fighters, but Squad will never add this due to the political backlash especially with the Turks who consider them 'terrorists'
  2. A great enemy faction against the Ba'athist Iraqi army ( which was incredibly powerful my uncle was unfortunately conscripted in it) is the Kurdish Peshmerga who was fighting a brutal and bloody guerilla movement against them in the Kurdistan mountains at the time. It would be an amazing map full of mountains, and the Iraqi ba'athists would have to encounter constant ambushes by the lightly armed Peshmerga guerillas who were highly effective. Here's how the fighting unfolded back in the 1980s! Would be an amazing add these 2 factions. Most my family were Peshmergas back in the day against Saddams ba'athist army, so if any modder decides to go with this and needs help with the uniforms, weaponary etc. please feel free to message me
  3. Music!

    what the actual hell is this video wtf some REAL music. 'fire fire gerilla' is the translation . such a catchy song 4 us Kurds
  4. The Road to Fallujah, Part 1

    Any updates on this map??
  5. YPG/YPJ would be an great faction to add!. The Kurdish female fighters of YPJ would also attract lots of females to play Squad too, it's a win-win. They fought tooth and nail against ISIS, and liberated many cities from them. Although, they're a militia they are powerful enough to take down the Syrian government if they wanted. It would be great if they were added
  6. I've been watching Squad videos for a good whole year, but my laptop could never run it haha. I bought a new PC recently and i can run Squad on ultra and im hooooooooooooked been playing nonstop everyday allnight. So yeah as you can tell by my name, I'm Kurdish and very proud to be one. If any modders have plans of Kurdish factions such as YPG/YPJ or Peshmerga hit me up I'll be happy to help and even pay! It's my dream to have my people and its faction represented on here. Hope to see you guys ingame ;p